Is Seimitsu changing joysticks build?

Hello all.

First i noticed some small changes in LS-32-01 restrictors when i bought one few months ago, i brought some pictures showed in other topic, that’s ok so far. But i recently ordered a LS-40-01 in Paradise Arcade shop which came very rough and grindy, it felt like there is no lubrication at all but actually there is the G-501 on the bearing and a different grease under the spring cover, in a more liquid spec than a silicone grease, and it’s not helping.

I know Seimitsu sticks for a long time, the LS-40-01 is the smoothest Seimitsu stick. Is so hard to believe the company is now building the stick like this, is the first time it happens.

Screws looks cheaper than others LS-40-01 i had contact. I didn’t came to blame the store but i know for sure this feels very different, unless the stick was kept stored for long years, but i think even so is not suppose to feel like this.

You can clean and re-lube the stick with the correct grease.
As for the screws I am not sure, to some screws are screws as long as they work.

The problem isn’t the LS-40 build… It’s the batch that you got from Paradise Shop. Depending on how old the part is and WHO put that stick together in the factory you can expect some variations from time to time. Happens with the Sanwa JLF’s, too. Remember – these joysticks are assembled by human beings, NOT machines.

I ordered two LS-40-01’s from them and got them shortly before Christmas. No problems with the pivots or anything else. I see no visible differences between those LS-40’s and the LS-40 I ordered from Akishop last year. The only differences that are visible are the lack of dustcovers on the LS-40’s I bought from Paradise Shop and the different shaft colors. I had to buy red and green shaft color LS-40’s since Paradise Shop was out-of-stock on black shaft LS-40’s.

My only question is why none of the LS-40-01’s Paradise Shop sells ships with a dustcover…? That wasn’t that big of a deal in the end since I had leftover LS-32 dustcovers that I file-modded to fit the LS-40 shafts.

Amazing still that so few American arcade parts shops actually stock LS-40’s. They’re as good as the LS-32 or LS-56/-58 joysticks… The only issue I have with LS-40s is that stock mounting plate and having to replace it with an SS cover to fit the LS-40 into Mad Catz TE’s and Hori HRAP SA/SE’s. It’s a pain-in-the-butt and an extra $5 I could live without having to pay for all the time!

Many American dealers don’t like taking too many chances with Semitsu Joysticks
Sanwa parts are well known to dealers will carry them but to many much of Seimtsu is unknown and thus investing (in their mind) is a risky move.