Is seth OP overpowered?

what do you othink he is boss character after all?

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Are you talking about him as a playable character or as a boss? As a boss he’s broken because of the way the CPU reads inputs and reacts to them, and he is designed to completely abuse this. On the other hand, as a playable character he’s only high mid tier at best.

Anybody who plays him will tell you, no. The man has plenty of options and avg stun output, but the whole doesn’t make up for his low stamina and mediocre Dmg output. He also happens to have some scary match-ups, Guile has never scared me more.

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He has a ton of options, stun setups, and mixups, but look at his health: One good combo from anybody is anywhere from 30-50%, EASILY. Jab --> Hands --> Roundhouse from honda hurts big time.

So no, he’s not broken/OP/cheap. He can be annoying at times, yes, but at the end of the day, he takes skill to use on a competitive level, IMO.

Hey guys I think Sagat is still way to powerfull and its cheap to play zangief also throwing fireballs is lame. Grabbing is cheap holla