Is Seth the new Gill? is Dan the next Sean?

Ok people, beening lovin this game since the day it was dawned and I wanna know do you see people using seth like Gill? or will dan evolve into the new sean?

Spill it Gamers…

Dan has been around before Sean. Sean was the new dan just for 3rd strike i guess.

Seth is an easier version of Gill to me.

My thoughts exactly.

He even has the same shoulder attack as Urien/Gill. That’s probably what they are doing storywise (SF4 prequel to SF3). He was the failed experiment or some shit before they perfected Gill/Urien. My guess.

And they should have called this character Killian. Killian is a way harder name for a boss than Seth. If indeed they were paying homage to Seth Killian by naming him that in the first place.

I don’t really like any of those characters. Dan is good for comic relief though.

dan, is no 3s sean. he was never the worst in any game he was in, except the cvs games i suppose. Hes decent in sf4 most definitely as well. dan >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sean

and wasn’t sean top tier before 3s anyways?

dan is Sean as far as the “seemingly” joke character but Dan is quite formiable of an opponent. And i LOVE how the Prima guide completely discounts him as an F-tier character simply because “Dan is Dan”.

Dan is already my most picked character on Ranked Matches and having people underestimate me is always a big plus in my book.

If you see anyone playing Dan online, dont think its a free win.

Does Seth have any anti-air though? I don’t think they bear any similarities other than in their apparent physical resemblance and that shoulder dash.

Seth has a great multi hit srk anti air. He also has Gill’s standing roundhouse and the crouching fierce.

i liked sean =(

me too But i think dan is petty good in SF4 like ive sen alot of good dans and seth is just lame i think hes a pain in the ass to fight and is like a rip off of everything SF. Gill was cooler he could ressurect himself was two sided and in his ending parted the sea like moses. seth just has a vacuum by his crotch.