Is SF4 still worth buying?


I can get it for $20 from Windows live but from all the “lag” problems i hear im starting to think its not worth it?


I say just wait for Super.


I second that notion…especially since Super starts at a discounted price of $40 new!


$20 is a bad price, wait for super. Super is going to be $40.

Now if it were $10, that would be a discussion


Honestly. If you do not have a copy . I think its worth it as all the training you put in now will translate over. Unless youre dead set on using a new character. Thats my opinion. I spend 20 bucks on lunch sometimes…


You still got nearly 50+ days until Super comes out - you can use the time to step your game up.


Aren’t ppl who still own SF4 getting some bonus when SSF4 drops? That was some incentive that Ono gave us a while back.


its most certainly worth buying lol


Funny you mention that…I saw a whole bunch of SF4 copies for PC at Target today for $9.99…no joke!


Yeah, what the guy above me said. Get a cheaper new copy. It’s a good game still.


great game, i’d definitely would buy it!


What lag problems?
And yeah, worth it but you can get it for less then $20 sometimes. Everything you learn in SF4 will transfer over to SSF4, regardless of what character you chose to play.


That’s what I told my friend. He found it for $12 somewhere. I told him that for $12 it’s worth picking up, but if he could afford it, he could easily wait around for SSF4.


Unfortunately, Super hasn’t been announced for PC yet, and it’s likely the incentive only carries if you have copies of both vanilla IV and Super for the same platform.


Most likely, since a PS3 wouldn’t be able to read a 360 disc or a PC disc as a game disc anyway, and a 360 would never be able to recognize a PS3 disc at all with it being Blu-ray (You can see MOST PC’s on the PS3 disc dilemma as well). It would have to be completely uniform to work, and since it can’t, both games would have to be for the same system.

Unless of course they manage to somehow make the verification process work via their website so that you can designate which system you want the bonus for. But that’s doubtful.


I mean, if you plan to buy SSFIV for the 360 or PS3, by all means, buy it and practice until SSFIV is released, but if you’re hoping for a PC release and PC is the only methods by which you are willing to play, then I might not. Regardless, vanilla SFIV is decent by itself.


i have sf4 for my 360, its the most fun and value for money ive had out of a game in years! a true masterpiece unlike a lot of disposable software these days, as for lag i cant comment on the pc version but i live in the u.k and play fairly regularly online and i think if you play with 3-5 (being maximum) bars the matches are great with hardly any issues, im of average skill and dont notice so much (presuming you have a good connection).
pick up a 360, xbox live and sf4 thats where its at! best money you’ll ever spend!


this is not a tech talk question

but to answer your question: maybe


They haven’t said anything since though. I have a feeling they’re not going to actually do anything and they’re just hoping we forget they said it in the first place.