Is SF4 TE stick worth $200-220?


Quick question, i have a chance to get a SF4 TE stick for 200 because someone is not picking up a pre-order I know its more but have you seen the prices on Amazon and EBay?:arazz:
So the question obviously is do you guys think it is worth it?

Is the stick easy to repair or mod? I heard it has quick disconnects and to change the art is simple too but can someone confirm.

Thanks for the advice


for that much you might as well get yourself a custom

… but I think the builders are still backed up, I don’t know.

You should probably just be patient.




yeah i thought about a custom stick but it takes minimum 6-9 weeks. So is the TE quality not very good? I dont mind repairing it if its easy, I just need an easy to mod/repair stick


definately not


Thanks, ill maybe just order a custom stick and wait a couple months


I really love my TE, but $200 is very different for different people. It’s all about what that stick is worth to you and how much $200 is for you to swing. Don’t break yourself for it.

It is easy to mod. Check the videos posted on the SRK main page.


I got mine for $130 with overnight shipping. Muwahahhaha!


It’s worth whatever you want to pay for it, but I don’t think I’d go over retail.


If custom is better than who is the most highly acclaimed/lowest priced custom stick builder?



It’s great, awesome quality with great attention to detail…easy to mod and is using Sanwa parts.

In terms of price, yeah that’s a bit much, but your question should really be directed towards yourself, since you know the most about your financial status.


You gotta ask YOURSELF is it worth paying that much.

I would spend that much on one and I’m a stick builder here’s why.

  1. It’s sold out EVERYWHERE so unless your really lucky you WONT be getting one at retail price anytime soon.

  2. Quality, the stick is pretty solid and IMO worth just as much as any custom sanwa you’d find here on SRK.

  3. Mod ability this stick is super easy to Mod. I’ve seen customs that weren’t as user friendly as this one and cost almost twice as much as this one’s retail.

In the end I say don’t think about what somebody ELSE would do. use your own judgement based upon what availiable alternatives you have and how much money you have to spend. Is it worth it to YOU?


I’m about to ebay one for 200 and call it a day lol

Just as “Sex Instructor”(funny ass name) said they sticks seem to be well made and fairly newbie friendly for future customizations. Plus if the 90 day warranty ends you can just swap out parts for pretty cheap. Overall good deal.


200 isn’t even that much more than the retail price. I would definitely go for it if I were wanting to get one.


Only is it’s 200$ out the door.

Just my 2c.


personally I would jump on it, especially since it is brand new and you know no one tampered with it at all.

All the parts are pro, so honestly it is a great stick, also if it is your first stick then why would you pass that up? you can get a feel for what a pro stick is like, then maybe down the road you will get a custom stick. The TE will probably be worth over $100 a year from now, so what is there to loose?


I would never buy the TE stick for $200.00 since if you’re lucky/patient you could get a custom made joystick for that much or just a bit more than that.

But if you got the money $200.00 shouldn’t be that bad.


I would go for it simply because it is difficult to find a TE at 200 and consider the parts / quality, it worths the money.


One thing you need to take inconsideration… how much would it actually cost you in the end after modding it and changine out the parts to what you like… would it be worth it to just do it once and do it right from teh get go then?


As an owner with an HRAP EX and now a TE I would say it is worth it. Even with the sanwa button swap on the HRAP I prefer the design/build of the TE.

It really is up to you if it is ultimately worth the money but for 200 it is only 40 dollars more than retail after taxes. Custom is always an option but it is solid choice right out of the box.