Is SFAC becoming rare?

I don’t know if it’s been posted or talked about.

But I went out today to buy SFAC, and called and went to several places (chains, and local shops) all of them were out.

Should capcom release more copies or will teh game become rare like MVC2, and CVS2?

Still available on Capcom’s online store.

I got a copy for 20 bucks at game crazy about a month ago.

Waitwaitwaitwait…you mean to tell me there’s people who like Street Fighter who didn’t buy this when it came out? These fools better have damn good reasons for JUST NOW trying to get this game.

my xbox was broken when the game came out finally.
It would have been a waste to get a game for a system that doesn’t work. So i stuck to my dreamcast versions of 3rd strike.

That all changed when 360 added backwards compatability and since i got a 360 I decided to run out when it was annouced and pick the game up.

Actually, I had this same problem last year. But instead of missing it the first go-round, I needed a second copy because I wore the first one (import copy I used to play on XBL) out. Sounds like a pretty damn good reason to me.

I don’t have an Xbox, and I still snagged it anyways. Along when I didn’t have ps2 got that and CCC2.

How do you wear out a DVD? Do you keep sharp objects inside your xbox’s drive?

my thoughts exactly.

For some odd reason, MvC2 is worth over $70 for the PS2.


its out of print. and there is still a demand for it.

Doesn’t the X-box MvC2 cost around $50-60?

^ Yeah it does.

Thought so. :slight_smile:

Lol DC MvC2 for 5 dollars.

Where at?

I thought the cheapest was $20. :slight_smile:

i just got this 3 days ago. i bought it on ebay. there are like 6 copies on ebay for 15 bucks plus shipping.

its the anniversary collection with third strike and hyper fighting and a bonus animated movie. i suck at third strike and i dont like it and i was mad that i wasted my money on it but then i watch the animated movie it was sweet still

too bad the movies edited. you missed chuns boobs

I was pretty surprised too. I checked around 2 weeks ago to give it to a friend so I wouldn’t have to carry my games on me and have competition. The Gamestop employees fucking laughed at me like I was asking for MVC2.:confused:

that’s the xbox version im looking for the ps2 version.

and when it came out i got it for xbox.