Is Shadow Labrys like...tourney legal?


I just picked up this game yesterday, and I’m loving it so far. I just was wondering if Shadow Labrys is going to be legal? She kind of seems like a boss-like character, but at the same time balanced…I’m not sure though. I just wanted to make sure before I spend all this time maining her, only to later realize that she won’t be allowed in like, tournaments and shit…

I apologize if this comes off as a stupid question, but I have no idea in reference to this game’s tier list.


She’s tourney legal and not even considered to be in the “highest tier”. Her major fault is that her persona is out the entire time and if the player isn’t keeping an eye on it, she’ll get persona broken pretty fast. Her counter to this is to block with her persona, but then she loses her other options with it while she’s blocking. She’s balanced and hard to use properly, so as far as this game goes - she’s fair.

If you want a tier list: Concurrent Persona 4 Arena Tier List Discussion

Though, something to note is that the tiers are very close together so just because someone is, say, B tier that doesn’t make them unusable. It’s mainly to do with matchups (IE Kanji vs Liz) that puts a character lower than others, not overall weakness. So basically, play who you want, they’re all good and no one is really “overpowered” just strong (Aigis, Mitsuru, etc).


slab is legal, currently considered C Tier
gaps between tiers are not huge, but C is bottom at the moment


Alright cool. I’ll see what I can do with her. So far I’m really enjoying her playstyle, even though her Persona is constantly exposed.


For a charcter like Yu or Mitsuru, it’s very easy for them to walk up and break your Persona. What I like to do when I play against S. Labs is go for the Persona first, this makes it very hard for the player, considering they lose most of there moves (including the ability to use bursts) after they are Persona broken.


the only thing you have to watch out for it people bating this behavior. I was watching the 24 hour stream last night, and there was a couple people who would block the shots taken at S.Labs persona and then IAD in for a cross up.
I also saw some people effectively use the ability to block with her persona and as a spacing tactic.


Yeah, she seems to have a lot of options in terms of protecting herself, and then punishing. It’s just really hard to utilize them hence the fact that her Persona is constantly out in the open…

It’s sad, really. I’d really like to main her, but for the time being she just seems too hard for me to use hence I’m not even used to this game at all yet.


I gotta say, if a character like S.Labrys can be considered fair then I really do have high hopes for this games balancing, everyone seems to have strengths and weaknesses that make it fair for everyone. I really don’t think anyone needs buffs or nerfs.


If she ain’t she’s gonna hit ya so wicked hahd.


Right now their are only a few bad match ups, no characters are significantly stronger over the rest. From watching a bunch of high level play, I don’t even think there is a true 3rd tier at this point. My opinion: Aegis and Mitsuru are S tier (they have a couple favorable match ups), and everyone else is A tier. This will change once more tech is discovered.