Is Sitting On The Ground Allowed At Evo2K16?


So I purchased a ticket for the Sunday finals and I have front-row seats.

My question is: will others be allowed to sit on the floor directly in front of me during the event? I don’t know if you’re allowing space for that sort of thing but I know personally I wouldn’t want others squeezing themselves as much as they can between me and the barrier if there’s space to do so.


Those days are over.


Chest bumps, dude. I paid a lot for these seats and I don’t want people stacking up in front of me and shit.

I’ll toss you a beer on Sunday.


Our event center here in Vegas is very large. Along with EVO staff and the people working at event center will not allow people to do this. The last two years the staff at EVO will take action to remove people. It’s a fire hazard here allowing it to happen as well.