Is skill in the Street Fighter 4 series adaptable to King of the Fighters XIII?


I feel for the first time over the past few years with Street Fighter 4 I’ve really achieved a level of decency, whereas with fighting games in my past I would play them very casually, so I knew little outside of gimmics I could use in specific games and very bare basics like blocking.

How adaptable are skills from the street fighter 4 series to king of the fighters xiii? I play as Akuma in sf4 if that’s relevant.


Well, if you like Akuma, Yuri is your go-to character for KOF XIII…

I’m not much qualified to speak about KOF, since I only recently started playing it, but in general its much faster paced and requires a somewhat different mindset compared to SF. You should probably ask this question over in the KOF XIII section of the forum.

Also, your execution better be on point.


It’s like going from SF4 to MVC3 - you’ve got similarities, but overall the game is drastically different.

You can take some things from SF4 and transfer them over to KOF13, but you’ll probably need a team of 3 Athenas. If you learned any character with half circles in SF you’re probably better off than most trying to transfer over to KOF.

Best advice is to just try it out, see if you like it. If you don’t, don’t play. If you do, practice and see how good you can become. :slight_smile:


Going from SF4 to KOF XIII is like going from Drake and Lil Wayne to Eric B and Rakim. Your mind will be fucked at going from the difference in quality and complexity.

KOF XIII is not very hard to learn. Its got a curve but its much more open than say earlier games. Its pure rushdown offense so keep that in mind if you are used to merely zoning.


i cant play the game for shit since there’s too many stick movements, i stick to games where i can just mash alot of buttons and do shit (MC2).

but color edit is too godlike i waste hours on there


It’s quite a different play style.
And you actually have to do the correct motions, no shortcuts.


There are shortcuts in King…

As for the question: no… You RTSD, earn a hit, and do a combo exhibition. That’s all KoF is.
It’s the only game worth playing this gen, as far as I’m concerned though.


To answer your question OP, yes and no. Your basic fundamentals should transition over you are going to have to adapt the different style that KOF offers. You know when people tell you in SF “don’t jump”? In KOF, it’s more like “don’t jump at this position on the screen” or “don’t jump. Hop!” And I will agree that Yuri is a good character for Akuma players (even though I’m not an Akuma player but I play Yuri).

tl;dr: Watch this video. It’ll explain everything you need to know about how KOF works and it assumes you’ve played SF4 before. [media=youtube]Ye3KVgI1LvU[/media]


KOF is not hard to learn, some players are now a little lazy behind the traditional learning curve because of some games this generation, playing KOF will improve you execution for other games, also KOF being more harder than SFIV is a misconception, just enjoy and learn the game.

XIII also has a lot of shortcuts and is more easy to learn than some older KOF games imo…

PD: congratz to Atlus for promoting this awesome game in North America.


KOF is much closer to SF than say, Marvel, BB or Tekken. Dont listen to all those people.
Ultimately, dont worry about it. Instead, ask yourself, are you interested in the game? If so, then play it.
If you’re perfectly happy with SF4 and it satisfies you completely, then dont.

Since you play Akuma then you’re halfway there. Divekicks are the closest SF comes to the hop attacks of KOF.


in the early to mid 90s
thats all you really need to know.
KoF13 has much better feel, controls, and movement than SF4.
its like silk vs sackcloth


I dunno SNK found its voice right around KOF '95. I think it’s a little ridiculous to compare the two or make reductive analogies about how the games play.

KOF13 can be obtained for what, like $45 at most now? If you’re an SF4 player it’s not completely starting over but it’s also a game with vastly different mechanics but somewhat similar control inputs.