Is skullgirls and Persona 4 balanced?


I just wanted to know so that I’m getting a fair game. Unlike some other games…cough MVC2 cough.


No such thing as a fair fighting game.


Skullgirls? As of now, no. Persona, dunno, not a weeaboo.


i dont know about skullgirls, but Persona is really balanced, so far every character can compete without a problem

btw op, you could have asked this in their respective threads/section


Skullgirls is kinda all over the place.

Persona looks aight. But some characters are still up there.


lol fair, if someone cant win and/or perform combos then the game isnt fair to them


i cant think of any chara in skullgirls that is too weak to succeed if that’s what you mean
but whether or not certain situations are “balanced” is hard to tell this early in a game’s life
both seem better off in terms of “is anyone really grotesquely strong and is anyone way too weak” than most fighting games out right now imo
but if by balanced you mean “really long combos arent balanced”(for SG) or “this shit this weird chara does really annoys me, where are my shoto mirrors?” then they probably wont satisfy you


Do you consider AE v.2012 balanced?
Persona’s tiers are closer than AE’s, at least for now. Tiers always evolve over a game’s lifespan though. Consider that Viper has gotten nerfed every SFIV revision since Vanilla, where she was considered C-tier, and she’s now considered either high or top.


This is a brilliant plan. Please do that.