Is SOCD still needed for ZeroDelay or Cthulhu hitboxes?


I read an old post saying how the proprietary Hitbox Cthulhu had SOCD but wasnt sold outside the “hitbox”.

I was about to order my $55 worth of parts when I remembered SOCD. Up till this point I had a zero-solder rig, which I like since I like modular everything. What is the sitrep on SOCD these days? I heard that Capcom fixed its issues with conflicting inputs and that many games already had fixes.

If SOCD is still needed for a ZD/CT build, is there a modular solution for it outside soldering together one?


ZD - Yes.
Cthulhu - No, just make sure your firmware is updated.

Modular solution, there is the SOCD cleaner from Toodles, but I cannot recall if it requires soldering.

This is the only one I’m aware of. but its not solder free afaik.


Yeah, that’s one I’m talking about. Doesn’t look any more difficult than wiring an Imp, and that’s one of the easiest solder jobs ever. If you’re adamant about using the ZD and not soldering yourself you could have someone handle that. Otherwise, just go with the Cthulhu.


Thanks for help


I had another question regarding SOCD, I dont want to make a new thread for it as its still somewhat related to this topic. In this video,

The youtuber and SRK guy describes SOCD cleaning as basically over-writing a basic function of mechanical keybords. This was somewhat concerning to me, as I play on a mechanical keyboard now. I’ve heard the lack of SOCD described as cheating, yet all my games (as I primarily use PC) allow for keyboard input. I’m wondering if bothering with SOCD is worth it just to make a hitbox less “keyboard like”.

After hearing that video I am confused, is there a downside to not having SOCD other than a hitbox that doesn’t neutral left/right?


From what I understand, not having SOCD is fine because every game is going to have its’ own built-in SOCD. As far as I know the only game that didn’t was MVC3 before it was patched, and UMVC3

You do get some nice shortcuts if you SOCD your board though


ST has broken stuff associated with SOCD IIRC, including blocking both was on jump ins and walking charges so guile can throw walking booms.


Since what I thought SOCD did was much worse than what it actually does, and since I do not as of yet even own a console to benefit from its opness, I’ll just avoid the $13 anti-keyboard chip lol.

Thanks for all the help guys, big time. Even if I decided not to go with an SOCD at all, i learned a lot.


Unless I’ve misread, UNIEL has a Left+Right input bug which helps Vatista.


That’s the working theory. Unfortunately the game also offers generous cross-up protection which makes figuring out whether a SOCD input actually helped/registered with regards to blocking…difficult. It’s also further complicated by her being the only charge character in the game. That said, from what I’ve seen, the technique is easiest on pad (d-pad + analog) and if you want to play the character in question on pad then good luck and godspeed.


One question since this thread is available:

If a Cthulhu is combined with a 360 PCB for a dual mod, the 360 board would still need a SOCD cleaning solution, correct?