Is somebody getting fired?


Grand Closing Grand Opening

Less than 10 years ago people were pretty much throwing money at this place but that was put to an end (lol?). Within less than a week this place goes from financially unfeasible to staying in tact. Several grassroots alternatives are in the works, and there is feedback from providers offering to provide services for fractions of the reported “$2K per month” price tag. Clearly those alternatives are sufficient or else they would not be part of the plan going forward, so the question is why was SRK allowed to remain in its current form for so long, and who lacked the foresight to right the ship before the proverbial doomsday?


You’re asking the hard questions Hotobu.

It was nice knowing you…


Nobody is getting fired but it also looks like we arent going to get any answers. Tbh fuck ups happen. Inkblot has been away from the forums that he may have just assumed that all forum software/hosting also went uo with time and he was paying standard rates.

Until we start offloading the costs of running srk through community crowdfunding, this is technically the part of the site that doesnt get used so it’ll always get a sideways look when the URL is analyzed in its entirety.

Upper Management stuff likely to stay out of our eyes and ears sans decisions reported by the front page. All that matters then is that we have a s econd chance and we have a lot of fixing up to do. Character boards need to get cleaned up a bit and we need to start doing stuff for srk peeps so that being here is special enough you tell others to join.


I am clicking Insightful and lol for all if my showings of approval needs, from now on.

No Cisc-o.


You better click on it.

At this time you and everyone else should give me all the praise and acknowledgement of being the Greatest Poster of this site. It was I that saved this site and nobody/nothing else. Only me. For the last 3 years i have been away this site ended up having a massive count droppedthat almost put this site out of business but in just 2 days after I returned this site has now gotten a new hope.

Not only am I the one with the Greatest threads and the greatest posts this site ever had, but i am the one who saved it…lets not forget to mention, putting this site on the map since the very beginning. This GOAT tag is just a title for everyone to read, but i have been the GOAT of this site for many years. I was the greatest there is, the greatest there was, and the greatest there ever will be.

And I am still Undefeated in Religion threads.


Religion threads are officially banned now tho


Every thread Cisco enters is a religion thread by default.

AND blasphemy. :coffee:


Meh, there are times where VS threads among fictional characters are allowed.


Mumm-Ra > everything else


You guys need to bring those back.


IMO that someone should get fired, or at least seriously demoted.


How about Jesus vs Mohammed?



goku wins :coffee:




Be happy that the site isn’t dying forcing you back to your pathetic life.


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