Is someone using my PSN ID?

i was talking to my buddy today, and he told that he was playing someone with my psn name. mine is OsamabinTauntin, his was osamabintauntin. are these id’s case sensitive??? cuz if they aren’t, some scrub is using my account somehow, and that is very troubling. plus, i just found out this fucker is a rage quitter and spammer and just is basically ruining my reputation. ugh.

I don’t think they’re case sensitive, so change your password.

he probably spelled it slightly differently.

nope, guy said it was spelled exactly the same, did a double, triple check. just changed my password and email login. thanks for confirming that, sep.

Hello Lyle,

Thank you for writing us concerning your account.

Sign-in Ids are case sensative. As long as you do not give your password/sign-in ID to anyone, your account is safe. Problems occur when someone allows others to use their password, then it is shared and someone else changes the password. Then the person believes that their account was hacked. The account cannot be hacked unless the password/sign-in ID is shared.

Richard S

Sounds like he was referring to your email address that you sign in with when he said “sign-in ids” and not your psn id, which would be OsamabinTauntin.

Yeah, I agree. You don’t ever actually sign in with your Online ID (you use your email address), and your password is case sensitive.

I don’t think your Online ID is because, when you add friends, you don’t have to type in your friend’s Online ID with proper capitalization, and PSN will still find him for you.

well, fuck. i changed my password and login info but if anybody plays someone with my name and they are scrubby or rage quitting. let me know via pm plz.

pretty easy name to remember so yeah