Is Sonic hot garbage?

So yeah Ive been trying to use him but I can barely pull a win out of my ass. Sure hes quick but trying to stop his momentum sometimes can be a pain. Ive actually rolled offstage quite a few times trying to attack someone. And thats another thing It seems like none of his attacks are really special. Most of the time is like big whoop i rolled into this guy for 8 percent damage, or the fact that none of his direction+A attacks have any decent range. On top of all that, I assume hes considered a light character so im flying off the stage with 80 to 120 percent (mostly getting hit by Ike because thats who my friend plays).

So is Sonic hot garbage?

Not really, I just think he has no good knockout moves like the other characters.

Are you playing with items? You should be. And as such, you should be TURTLING. Grab a sword, smack him, then run like hell. Throw stuff at him. Run for the smash balls and assist trophies and pokeballs.

He’s really fast! You shouldn’t be using that speed to get yourself killed faster than if you were using Mario.

He is probably mid tier.

Honestly if he had maybe one more kill move and his smashes were faster, he would be high tier.

Sonic is really good at building damage but has a very hard time killing…his back airs and forward smash is what i used to kill but the forward smash takes forever to land :rolleyes:

Sonic is solid. And the fastest guy in the game it seems (ZSS is up there, too). Not having any strong knock out moves doesn’t mean much, when the average knock out is 100%. Seriously, it’s kind of hard to knock people out before that on most stages.

Average knockout is more like 150ish.

I’m not gonna front about Sonic.

He isn’t good.

But he isn’t bad either.

He’s ok.


Strongly feel that Sonic is a motherfuckin beast. I hope I’m wrong though because I’m having a hard time beating him.

QFT. It’s a BITCH to kill people with him. F-Smash seems alright but that’s about it =/

I never have trouble killing with him really. I think hes a fuckin beast and has maad potential. His up+B spring is too good, and his combo potential is stunning. Definitley one of my favorite/best characters.

I say this is the Official Sonic thread and the title sticks…

Wow, official Sonic thread huh? Im honored.

Ill admit there are some good times to be had with Sonic though, as someone posted earlier his up+B is great for getting places and his air back+A (single spinning kick) is probably the thing i knock people out with the most. Not to mention his Super Sonic mode which is ungodly good if you can control it well. I guess I was really just expecting more of him since he was probably the biggest hype builder of the game for me.

One interesting thing I did with him was me and someone else were knocked off the stage and because the other person was below me when I did the spring, the spring fell on them and knocked them away a little bit.

As far as combos, i dont really see combos in SSBB, I just see stuff that works sometimes, like I do a launching attack and jump and do his “rising tackle” as Ive come to call it since the final hit of that can send opponents pretty high up under the right conditions.

Yeah, you can hit people with the spring. If you do the spring from the ground, it’ll actually stay there and act as a spring for 3 jumps or so. I haven’t found any useful application for that yet.

Also, a quick way to stop from a full run (offline only) is to hold down and tap X, A as if you’re doing a kara-throw in 3S. Sonic will do his dive kick right off the ground, and it’ll also hit whatever’s in front of him relatively hard (hard for Sonic, at least).

…I am quite annoyed that that you called this the official sonic thread…mostly because of the name…>(…I’LL SHOW YOU ALL!!!

Well, its not technically saying he IS hot garbage, just illicitly implying that he is. Like on the news when something blows up somewhere and the ticker at the bottom reads “Is it TERRORISIM?” just to get people to keep watching to find out that it was just some random explosion.

Sonic kicks ass, enough so to flirt with being a top tier character. Super Sonic is one of the better final smashes in the game and he’s a very evasive character, so he’s a monster with hit-and-run tactics. His lack of a good killer move is his only real weakness, similar to Meta Knight, but items can help overcome that. Since Smash is a game that any retard can play well (button mash and do well), people tend to think Sonic sucks more than a freshman female at a frat party because Sonic is the hardest character in the game to play.

he is not good.

you are all nuts.

He’s not bad.
He’s just weak.
He needs Bowser to be at at least 200% for a KO.

But I’ve seen people get about five kills off of his final smash, and It’s easy to get the smashball beacause he is so fast.

The only problems is his lack of effective smash attacks and his speed is hard to control.

Once you can control him he should be pretty decent, but he’s still only around mid-tier.

I don’t care if bowser needs to be at 200%. I’m still all over the place and there isn’t much that the fat king can do about it.

Just stating a fact…