Is Soo Mighty the only one who uses the little guy?



Come on! I know there’s more people who use Servbot. Any good combos?


I don’t know, maybe the MvC2 Kobun thread in this forum would shed some light on it… :smiley:


Soo doesn’t use Servbot.

According to him, M/Servbot/P is “Team You Better Win With Magneto Or You’re Not Winning At All”.


Yeah, he pretty much said he only uses that team to FORCE himself to get better with Magnus. I don’t think anyone seriously uses Servbot :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh, ok. But I heard somethin bout him getting perfects with Servbot. Maybe it was just with Servbot on the team, not Servbot doing the winning. I tried what he does with Magneto/Tron and I just realized how fast you can kill someone with that assist and Magneto constantly rushing. Its sick! :smiley: Anyway, does he get perfects with Servbot or just the rest of the team?


There is the video of his perfect w/ Servbot.

Servbot does nothing. It’s Mags/Psy.


oh ok. Thanx. Servbot is hard to combo. Maybe someone will bring this low-low-low tier fighter to a tournament? Not likely. Oh well. I might experiment with him. Im kinda creative with low tier.


Servbot’s combos also do an average of ~10 points of damage - about most character’s fierce punch worth.

The best way to use Servbot seriously is to use him on Y-assist (which gives him the best “lotsa kobuns” super, since it chips almost more than it does if you hit it), and then use him with either Doom-B or Tron-Y. Then your point character has to get to Servbot safely with 4-5 meters. At that point, you get them in assist-based lock-down temporairly and chip a character to death via Kobun’s super.

This isn’t a good strategy, but it can work if you can block really well. Miss a block and Kobun is dead. I’ve only seen it used jokingly in a tournament once. The guy who won with it thus earned the hatred of the guy who he beat with it. :\


I was REALLY sick in hospital after major Sugery and my Brother leant me his Dreamcast with Marvel Vs Capcom 2. So all I did all day was play it.

I really got into the little guy and could clean the computers clock with him.

I thought he was awesome…

…But then again I was on ALOT of heavy painkillers at the time. :wink:

And man his Supers are pretty trippy

The Muntmeister


Yeah, I was a little disappointed at the videos with the so-called “Perfect-Servebot” win to come to the simple fact that he didn’t use the little lego. And if you look at the video closely, SooMighty really DIDN’T perfect him but it was incredibly close. He blocked Psylocke’s assist which took a pixel of block damage on him, plus the “perfect” sign always come up when you perfect someone and it didn’t show up on that match either, just his win.

Anyway, I heard that Justin Wong had multiple OCV’s using Servebot and I was trying to see if anyone else heard the same thing. I’m finding it very hard to believe but this is Justin I’m talking about and he knows how to play every character so who knows.:o


Ummm… I used Servbot at B4, and won my matches using that team and advanced to play Rattanna. Then I switched my team, and didnt use Servbot, and lost badly. THere are vids of me using Servbot on DC (direct connect). The vids are labeled something like _MVC2_IMPULSZE_COCOUMI and MVC2_IMPULSZE_SENOR.

I frequently use Servbot in tournaments (not anything major, but tournies nonetheless). Most people dont know how to adapt to him. The best strat for him, is to make sure you have superb Defense in order to use him. He is a defensive character. I think the last tournament that I used him in was a Fresno/Visalia tourny, and I got 4th losing to Bronson (again I switched Servbot out for another character and lost).