Is sound more important than latency?

I’m learning that an overwhelming amount of people care about hearing character grunts over being able to complete combos and play the game. Can someone explain to me why?

I think the main problem is we shouldn’t have to settle for one or the other. I don’t think sound is all that important but I do see where people are coming from.

The lack of sound in online gameplay (i.e, a heated battle against someone else) can be very distracting indeed. Our brain processes things in certain ways, so when a hit connects but the lack of sound is combined with how we have been conditioned to hear the sound in every other fighter all our life, it can lead to some very major fuck ups. At least for some people, me included sometimes.

But yeah, like Shintarru said, I think the issue most people have with it is that you shouldn’t have to pick one or the other.

If you’ve ever played 3rd Strike Online, you’d know why the sound issue is the way it is. This game, like 3S, uses GGPO. When rollbacks happen in this game, it cuts out the sound immediately so there’s no chance of hearing moves that don’t actually come out. That doesn’t happen in 3S, and you have wacky things like hearing your opponent get KO’d, but it rolls it back so they’re still alive and fighting.

Just understand that if the sound didn’t cut out, it would be A LOT worse.

Both are equally important. All modern video games produce sound. So sad that people excuse the sound bug. My Grandfather may have walked to school 5 miles in the snow, but that doesn’t mean I should have to.

Iike that I can time my combos online and offline the same. Leave it the way it is. Sf4 sucked going on and offline. Lagged out games F’s up your offline play.

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Because it’s a stupid problem to have in a major game from a big publisher. Problems like this should’ve been fixed long before it got shipped out to customers. Why would you pay $60 for an unfinished product with a variety of bugs, glitches, and unexplained DLC files ready to go?

Plus, sound is a major factor in fighting games. It’s true in FPS games as it is in SFxT.

Here we go again with “unfinished”.

Glitches happen. Testers cannot detect a bug if they do not find it. Sound cannot be implemented correctly in rollback.

Get. The. Fuck. Over. It.

I don’t know what people are smoking to actually believe that they are equally important…

I could understand not wanting to have the inconvenience of no sound… but how could ANYONE claim they would not give up sound to be able to actually play the game online?

Really I don’t know a single person that does not play without music anyway, maybe it’s just the fact that most people I know grew up in arcades and couldnt hear well anyway, but damn…

I’d rather it work with audio problems, than not work with sound… Just look at how many fighting games have sound online but people don’t play them due to problems with lag (like many people with MvC). Do you think they would not give up sound to be able to play online?

I’m used to the sound cutting out by now. I usually play with my own music on. BUT… I really rely on sound cues to do stuff in fighting games generally. It’s just a bummer I miss punishes a lot online by a few frames.

if i have to choose between having messed up sound and proper link timing, i will choose links of sound any day of the week. you are learning fighting games wrong if you rely on sound to hitconfirm over visual cues.

The question is when did the hardcore that were supposed to be beast ,that eat sleep drink nothing but fighting games, are playing online and not with your crew? online has always been for us casuals and games with out sound means 99% of the casuals that make up the sales will be pissed and not repurchase a future sf or a tekken game from there online experience of just wanting to throw fire balls , not pretend there jwong at evo in there bedroom alone on there 18inch standard tv with rca jacks and no sound…Srker are the 1 % and the money comes from mofoz with 80 inch tvs and nakamichi sound systems ,who want to have a fucking normal online game

except the argument is not whether you should have to deal with messed up sound online because clearly you shouldn’t, it’s whether you prefer to have consistent link timing and the ability to reversal on reaction or have variable delay with correct sound. i and many others fail to see why anyone would pick sound over good netcode if they HAD to choose.

I got used to it very quickly. There are some things that throw me off though, like when Bison does his head stomp from certain ranges it’s hard to distinguish it from a normal jump.

It’s really not a matter of more-or-less important, it’s that there is absolutely no excuse for the sound not to function as expected. If their engineers can’t figure it out, they need to hire better engineers.

I have no idea what’s going on at Capcom. First there was the absolutely ludicrous claim that XBL couldn’t handle guest tags, and now there is some unassailable technical barrier to cuing local sound playback in a consistent manner while playing online (which is complete rubbish). They’re spending an awful lot of time making excuses for not delivering what should be the bare minimum functionality for their product, and it honestly astounds me that people would defend this shameless incompetence.

while i don’t care about the sound issue… sounds can be implemented correctly in rollback
GGPO or RollCaster on PC are solid examples of that.
sound is a client side thing, it should work just fine

Ono announced an announcement on twitter regarding an online patch. let’s hope they solved it

true, I wish people would focus more on pushing capcom to fix sound without hindering the netcode. If anything, they should refine it more like ggpo while fixing the sound. Anything less should be unacceptable when it’s been done before.

I wish we could have both, but if we have to choose (and apparently, we do), I’d rather have stable matches.

for me it helps me hit confirm when i can hear the hit land. I’ve gotten in trouble canceling or doing a chain combo to launcher when my opponent blocked my stuff :{

Is this really a difficult question?