Is sound more important than latency?

The sound is more important. Period. I appreicate good net code i really do, but you need to understand why we are in the position of a resurgant fighting genre right now. The reason is that casuals have come to the game having broken sound has 2 effects, it makes the game feel laggy to people even when it is not. Not only that it sounds fucking AWFUL. Casuals wont like that and also alot of regular players dont like the game sounding like shit.

Personally i think hitting 1 frame links and performing combo’s from muscle memory; is a high level stuff - the game should support high level players but the should never be at the expense of the game looking and feeling slick to normal players. this week I have had 4 friends who are streetfighter fans take this game back because they think that it is of “bad quality” - that is NOT good for capcom.

I know that high level players want the high level features, but id much rather that capcom get money and the game has a good reputation amongst the general public. Right now it looks like ass in almost any multiplayer match (even on a good connection).

Id like both, i really would and i want both. But id much rather the game looks slick for the whole community rather than please’s the small group of hardcores who post on srk. I hope this makes sense, dont get me wrong, i am not flaming people for wanting the netcode left as it is, i am just trying to illistrate that its important for capcom and for us as a fighting community that the game goes down well in ALL circles.

Also from a personal point of view, i find the sound bugs REALLY distracting, i use sounds rather than the flashing chars to know when things are hitting (dont ask me why its just the way my brain is wired) so i have found it challenging to play like this. Its a shame because i LOVE the game mechanics.

What gets me also is that whilst i know the game supports rollback netcode, i still have had some REALLY bad laggy games with people who i have fairly smooth sf experiances with - that surely isnt the aim of the net code. In theory rollbacks are good, i am just wondering if capcoms implementation is a bit ass.

Tekken Tag 2 will outsell SFxT. You heard it here. Not first. Guaranteed buddy. Oh… Tekken 6 online is so much more ASS.
And there are loads of both Monitors and HDTVs that have been shown not to lag. Staying on CRTs is only needed if you don’t have a better screen.
Oh and if online is ‘normal’, it should be the bloody same as offline. Which variable input delay means you’re effectively playing A WHOLE DIFFERENT GAME. I guess that is normal to you.

I can’t believe people are okay with the sound glitches. Why not play the game in black and white? I mean, the game will still function. Oh yeah, because we paid $60 and we shouldn’t have to settle for poor quality.

This isn’t just about personal game execution, it’s about a company selling an unfinished product that needed more testing before its release.

My point exactly. I posted a long piece in another topic in the SFxT forum, I feel Capcom has really dropped the ball on this one. I’m seriously considering writing them for a refund. The game is really broken online, even without the sound. The game is dropping stuff all over the place when I’m playing and it’s very choppy. Even SSF4 was a whole lot better, I sometimes got a laggy game, but nothing major.

The SFxT online experience has me seriously disappointed, I can’t believe they put this product on the market. I paid 80 bucks for the Special Edition, this feels like I bought a car without being able to shift gears.
I seriously wonder what the results will be for Capcom amongst the casual gamers (the ones who keep Capcom alive). Could be some serious backlash…

There is no doubt that they will fix the sound problem. I am pretty sure that they will just add lots of input delay on every connection and it will go away. You guys will all be happy then…and I guess you can still watch your favorite players play the game for real on internet streams. Sounds like a happy ending to me. :tup:

They’ll fix the sound problem.

Then the same people complaining about that will complain about the input latency.

The SRK endless cycle of complaining.

That’s not necessarily true: I never had too many problems with SSF4 or MVC3 (the two times I touched that game). Why did they change it that radically and how did Capcom release a product that is so incredibly incomplete/broken/whatever you want to call it. Look how many people still play SSF4 and UMVC3 online, that is probably 90% of your total buyers.

I feel really bad about the way the game has turned out: not only does the sound really messes up (it’s hardly there, I can only hear 10-15%) but it’s choppy and laggy as hell. So it’s completely messed up on BOTH fronts. I’m by no means a good gamer or whatever, but this makes want to toss the game in the trash bin or ask for a refund.

How would you feel if you bought a car and discovered you bought it without a clutch? Or to make another anology: a car that has the sound ALWAYS on volume 10 as soon as you turn the ignition?

And I do partially agree on the “cycles of complaining on SRK” part, but come on: you can’t sell a product like this :frowning:

SF4 and Umvc3 are worse online. The game might look smooth but the input delay makes it unplayable.

There’s a difference between online and offline play in every game. I understand what you mean with SSF4 but I have been playing for hours today and the game is simply ignoring inputs or “withdrawing” moves. I never experienced that in SSF4 and at least the connections indicated what kind of online match I would get. The connection indicators are all over the place in SFxT and even green (white?) connections are horrendously laggy.
And like someone said earlier, I use the sound to play and hit-confirm.

I can’t play the game like this, it feels like I’m playing some kind of beta-release.

Shouldn’t we be able to have our cake and eat it too?

SfxT only does that when the connection is just terrible between me and the opponent I.E red bars sometimes yellow. For me anyway, and I use Visuals for hit confirms so I rarely play with sound on any way.

Arms or legs?

This should not be OR but AND. I want both. Period.

It does it to me all the time…I checked my internet connection and that is how it should be. I’m only playing local guys (from the Netherlands) and yeah, some games are better than others. But overall, it’s just nowhere near good enough. I paid 80 euro’s for the Special Edition and I actually feel ripped off at the moment. I already posted my email to Maximilian in another thread, but I’ll post it again here just to get it off my chest…


And one more thing: so Capcom knows it’s making a game that will not function properly online unless they sacrifice another crucial part? How do you get away with that? I’m an IT consultant: how would people react if I sold them a product but simply didn’t include a manual or a GUI?

To me, the most important step of good netcode is making sure the gameplay is as smooth and responsive as possible.

Lag is an instant buzzkill for me. I’d rather play schizoteleport fighter than underwater fighter because at least the schizo would have the decency to end my pain quickly.

I think I am going to explode. :sleep:

i knew something like this would happen. Retards got so used to super lag fighter 4 online that when a good net code style is used, its automatically worse lol.

when you play sf4\mvc3 online, its impossible to time anything properly as you would offline. I can’t begin to explain how frustrating it is to play mvc3 online and if I want to push block properly, I have to push before moves have even hit me. How the fuck are you supposed to rewire your brain to do that then go offline and attempt it still?

both rollback\input delay have their flaws but rollback allows more tournament strategies to be implemented for sure. If you have “jerky” connections, that means your opponent or yourself don’t have a stable connection.

trust me, I know all about the “jerky” roll back net code. Been on it since 2k6 for ggpo and hdr\mvc2 on xbl. Jerky connections happen when the net code is being tested heavily. Someone is lagging you down because they share a connection with someone or are surfing while playing or are using wifi. Jerky shit can also come from the connection being simply too far from your opponent which is why MS is a better standard to identify connections rather than capcoms bar system that doesn’t tell you a god damn thing. I don’t know why they can’t have a bar for retards and a constantly refreshing # to the side of it.

its people like you who are fucking it up for the rest of us. You’re saying move backwards when 99% of the community wants to move forward. The old net code capcom used in sf4\mvc3 is stone age technology, from the 90’s. Its outdated and terrible so who cares if the sound is fine.

you don’t know the differences, why each has pros\cons and why rollback is actually better EVEN FOR CASUALS. Its impossible to play mvc3\sf4 casually online, the net code is so bad that it prevents the game from even being played casually.

you’re receiving better net code in favor over sound, which will be patched anyway. @ any rate, this net code style is 100x better than the shit in mvc3\sf4. Its capcoms first true attempt for roll back net code, they’re 10+ years behind. It will take them a few tries to iron it out. The sf4\mvc3 net code is probably a copy cat of the cvs2 net code so that means capcom has had 13 years fucking with that trash. I would definitely give their first try a break because roll back is the future and all companies that use net code realize this. All the way from racing, fps\rts games to fighters.

roll back is the best thing for the community. While it may be jerky sometimes, only due to connections, you can actually apply MORE tournament strategies online and that’s a good thing. It means the casual player who only plays online can actually learn and have fun rather than pray and mash and call it playing

A good net code that allows players to use MORE tournament strategies and actually react to shit is better for ALL players who play fighting games casually\pro. STFU, stop being a cry baby and realize that what you’re complaining about is 100% feeble. It has no merit because even casuals want to try to @ least play properly online and bad sound is definitely a drawback most players would choose to have a better net code.

Well, this might be good news! And to the poster above: I really enjoyed about 98% of my SSF4 online matches, the netcode wasn’t that bad in AE, was it?

Because none of the testers will have found this bug, right? The way Capcom wrote the statement a few days ago implies that Capcom knew all along.

something as simple as sound rolling back was a problem in 3soe too, they knew it was a problem for sfxt too before they released it

My concern is why didn’t they fix it before the game drops? patches cost big money and a “sound” patch is pretty shitty compared to the other patches this glitchy ass game could receive. Instead of core mechanics being tweaked, its the sound. Its a waste of money IMO.

and since this game has roll back net code guess what!!! it means that sf4\mvc3 could of used it too. Now think about this for a second, if sf4 vanilla was the first attempt, it would of gotten 3 years worth of testing before this game even came out. Actually calling sf4 good online hurt the bottom line and now we’re stuck in 2012 with games that are just now receiving technology from 2002.