Is spamming good in street fighter


was reading stuff on this site and i tried it and it worked so i wanted to know if spamming normals good to bait out reactions etc


yeah man sometimes I just tap the theme to Futurama on my stick and I win games.


I don’t even feel like answering his shit anymore.
Either he goes full retard on meaties or answers his own questions and never, not even once, says thanks to those people answering his shit topics.


smh at this dude.


I think this guy is literally the dumbest poster on srk.


“Spam” is not a real term in fighting games. Basically when someone uses the word spam that shows they do not understand how fighting games work and is a giant sing that screams “PLEASE IGNORE ME CUZ I AM NOT READY FOR THE REAL ANSWER YET”


the answer is that it isn’t spam. normal moves are wiffed to control space by making it dangerous for you to move in and to also bait out unsafe atacks, and to stuff attacks with slow start up. Just stop using the word Spam and people will take you more seriously/