Is spamming the Izuna vortez cheap?



I love to abuse the izuna vortez on people who can’t handle it. It’s a quick way of ending the fight. Sometimes I know that the other figher is clearly not happy about it because he stops playing after a while. He just stand there without moving to let me izuna him. Thus after several successful izuna drops in a row that won me the 1st round, I feel bad about it so I revert back to my ground game in the 2nd round, in case he thought that I am a Vega scrub and only knows how to fly, and know nuts about ground game fighting.

But I feel that there’s nothing wrong with it if I am able to master it. The timimg is so strict that if I hit a barcelona claw by mistake or simply miss the izuna, I will be standing right in front of my opponent waiting for a free meaty combo on me. So I feel that the izuna vortez is part of Vega’s weapon and should not considered cheap even if I spam it. How about you guys? Do you think spamming the izuna vortez is considered cheap? Or scrubby trick?


vega’s crazy wall dive game has been in place since sf2. If the guy doesn’t like it or is at a loss, tell him what he can do to stop the loop from starting in the first place.


It’s not cheap because it’s not a true vortex and is actually escapable. If they complain about that, wait til they get stuck in Gouki’s.

Besides, the hell is the definition of cheap nowadays? Word gets thrown around as often as scrub.


Are you serious with this? You do what you gotta do to win. If they can’t escape it that’s their problem not yours.


The Izuna ‘vortex’ is one of the only things keeping Vega from being complete trash. This Balrog player or whatever has no place to cry.


no such thing as cheap, do ken’s and shotos stop jumping at you to where you have to block every time and try to block tech? do balrogs stop jabbing ur wake up? do blankas stop throwing all their specials at you? nope they dont, so do what it takes , but be smart,if the person looks like they’re about to rage quit, then u may want to not do it for both entire matches (if it’s ranked and your trying to get points)


Lol he complains about vega’s only true good weapon his non EX special moves is capable of, wich is totally escapable? tell him to stuff it.


Hell no, its escapable. I’m always looking for an opening to start it.


It’s a service to them to beat them with the vortex if they can’t handle it. Makes them remember and gives them a chance to adapt. Just be careful you don’t build up bad habits of using it when you shouldn’t. Doesn’t matter how good of a position I might be in to continue it on a Ryu, I’m not doing it if I have a life lead and he’s sitting on an ultra!


Izuna vortex? Where the hell have I been?


Hell no keep doing that loop if people cant figure out how to beat it, screw them. If its a weapon at your disposal use that shit


one guy messaged me about it the other day

what can you say. p2win


Honestly the only way for something to be “cheap” is if someone literally had a button labeled “win” that they could push that allowed them to win no matter what. Otherwise theres no such thing as “cheap” only something that someone cannot defeat.


how would that be cheap? i didnt make that button. it was in the game!!!


While “playing to win” is actually the best way to determine who’s the better player, it doesn’t necessarily make you a better player on long term. What I’m trying to say is, think about your development as a player. If you feel like you’re relying too much on the izuna trap while sucking at footsies, stop using it.
But really, I don’t think one can really rely on that shit because it’s nothing you can consistently use. You need to work your opp into the corner first.


Depends on what you mean by ‘cheap’ here. If you’re asking if it’s a fair tactic to use, or if it’s somehow less sporting to use than a standard poking victory, I’d say it’s absolutely fine. The game has loads of setups where the standing player puts the knocked down one into a repeatable guessing game (Demon flips, Guy’s flip thingy, Cammy’s hooligan grab…), so much so that I have to think it was designed that way on purpose. None of these are perfect loops either, and if you screw it up the results are usually catastrophic.

If you’re asking if I think it cheapens the experience, though, that’s a different story. I can usually tell after a few whiffs how the opponent’s responding to my walldives, and if they have the slightest idea what to do in response. In online play, I’ll normally let 'em go if they seem completely clueless against it, especially if they’re otherwise solid in their footsies and execution. It just doesn’t feel as satisfying a victory to me.

That said, against someone really good? No mercy. If they know what to do against it, they should know better than to let me start it.


Nothing about winning a match with izuna drop loop feels cheap to me, it feels fucking fantastic. It’s the coolest move in the game, the other player should thank you for doing it so many times.


I agree you shouldn’t base your game around it since its highly situational and a bit character specific IMO, but if you have opportunity, go for it.
Most often than not your opponent won’t give a crap if what they are using is “cheap” or not, how many Rufus keep doing dive kicks over and over again? A ryu won’t stop throwing FBs if you dont block them. Hell last night a match started and I was sending a message and guy just kept hitting me till I had like 1/5 of my life(I came back at that point and avoided his next attack).


Question: Herp?

Answer: Derp!

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