Is SRK the centre of the FGC universe?

Like the title suggests,… am I at the right place or should be on dreamcancel or dustloop??? where is this elusive FGC located? Who is in the FGC? Did I join the FGC when I put my first pound in an SF arcade machine or is it something you apply for? Does posting on this forum make me “FGC” I just wanna know who people are regarding when they say FGC?

Sorry but you’re a scrub and you can’t join the FGC. No but in all seriousness you need to go to Capcom-unity to be part of the real FGC.

I hear gamefaqs is where all the real FGC members hang out

The center of the FG community are the players not a website.

Dustloop is GG/BlazBlue oriented while Dreamcancel is for KoF. Yea, SRK is like the main website but you still have a lot of scrubs even here, especially the wave of users when SF4 got announced and after.

If you really want to be a part of the “FGC” then hit up matchmaking, starting going to sessions, arcades (if they still exist), tournaments and events, etc.

Elitism in Competitive Gaming Communities is so cool!

It’s not elitism. It’s a fact. There are many users who jump games constantly to try the best new thing or jump to whatever is popular. Arcades started to die out around 2000 and after Capcom stopped making new fighting games, many players jumped ship. From around 05 to early 08, there was no spot light on SRK. The people who were here were here because they wanted to contribute to the community or get better. They would research and pay attention to people better than them. They also had a foundation of basic fighting game mechanics. Once SF4 was announced, a huge wave of new users joined SRK, with no knowledge of fighting game mechanics and no respect for experienced players that know what they’re talking about. This caused a large number of knowledgeable players to leave or stop posting advice, while new users that don’t know anything started posting with excitement. This greatly diminished the quality of these SRK forums. There’s a reason as to what I said, I’m not bashing new members, I’m calling out facts.

To add to this post: is the best for Tekken is the best for Soul Calibur seems to be good for Virtua Fighter

Shoryuken is mostly used for capcom’s games

The Centre of the FGC is Capcom.

Thanks for the answers i’m gonna check these sites out, see if i can find some FGC’ers


Go to local meets and tournaments.

Everyone in the FGC scene hangs out on the MLG Gamebattles forums.

MLG lmao i dont play MK

Depends on what games you’re playing

the so-called “FGC” isn’t really under one banner as some people would think

Who is in the FGC? Who isn’t part of the FGC? Can you tell me which wouldn’t fit?

‘Stream monster’

Clayfighters expert

Broken Tier Tshirt customer

Mike Ross dancing enthusiast member

‘online warrior’

'played sf2 once in ‘94’ guy

‘retired’ CVS2 player

random/unknown entrant

My cat Skittles who can mash dp in SF4

All of these are part of the FGC, because they imply having actually played a fighting game. The rest you could do without having ever played one.

You got a cat that can mash DP?


This also caused a culture change, in which veteran members of the site were basically made to fuck off so as not to frighten off any sensitive new members.

This is why people in GD actually talk about fighting games now. Many serious/formerly serious players who can’t stomach the increasing corporatization of their hobby no longer feel welcome in the dedicated fighting game areas.