Is SS4:AE, MvC, Cross platform?


Im mostly interested in playing SS4:AE on my computer is it cross platform? What games are cross platform and what are not that are played in tournaments?


No games that I can think of are cross platform. I’ve heard rumors that when Skullgirls comes out for PC it will support cross platform play between PS3 and PC. GFWL doesn’t usually support cross platform play between PC and Xbox. The only example I can think of was Shadowrun.


Really? i thought SS4:ae was cross platform wow i thought wrong :*( what platform do all the pros play on for practice then ? Xbox 360? where can i get the most solid practice online on which console? And also are there any plans to make SS4:ae cross platform and also UMvC3?


The ONLY cross-platform play you’re going to get is between a PS3 and a PS Vita, and then only with U.MvC3 and SFxT.

PC doesn’t play with XBOX doesn’t play with PS3, and they never will. The best hope (which is still a 1 in a million kind of shot) is that they could allow PC and XBOX players to play together, but Capcom’s support of PC games is abysmal at best so don’t count on it coming.

Edit: there are NO more patches coming for SF4 or U.MvC3, so that means NO cross-play down the line.

The “pros” play on xbox, but EVO uses PS3s, and unless you’re in high level play (if you’re asking this question you are not) it honestly will not matter one bit. Buy whatever system is cheapest.