Is SSF4 Wrecking My Xbox?

i doubt it but, after i play 1 match or even try to go into training mode… randomly it will say: the storage device has been removed… and then: the disk is scratched.

I think my xbox is just crapping out but im have no one else i can ask about how to fix the problem.

i tried clearing my cache and googling the problem but i cannot find a solution.

any suggestions? has anyone else had this problem with ssf4? or any game in general?

my xbox is a 2 gig or w/e

its the cheapest.

My friend had the same problem.

well ive been told by xbox peeps they think that it could be something in the ssf4 files…

so i deleted arcade editions and the update and that didnt fix shit, so now im re downloading the costumes i deleted and im hoping that will fix the problem.

Pretty sure Software can’t damage hardware. That stuff is thoroughly checked before release. Random messages like that are a sign you just need a new 360 / PS3 if you want a change, Whatever.

People are usually fast on the trigger to blame Updates/Downloads/Software/Aliens for system malfunctions, But it could just be as simple as age.

Try putting it in a cold place for a few hours.

You can also try taking a strong vacuum with a hose to all the vent holes to suck out any dust inside.

Sounds crazy but I’ve fixed broken devices like that.

If you suggested that for a computer I’d smack you. If only because I have had to fix the aftermath when a friend did it to try and clean out the dust.

For an xbox I dunno I’d personally be wary to try that.

well all other games work and it is defiantly not my disk. plus the guy who said it could be the updates or w/e wasn’t really implying it was there fault, more of like maybe something screwed up while i was dling it or something… or hell maybe it was the updates.

the problem did start to happen when i removed the ssf4 costumes… thanx tho, and if i can’t fix it like this ill put it in the freezer.

edit: when i said i talked to xbox peeps, i meant i talked to there support service, so im assuming they have some idea what there talking about.

lol i already tried to use an air duster can thing… that didnt seem to work.

Okay. I *strongly *recommend you do not put your 360 in the Freezer.

I’m talking about open rooms, near a window ect…

lol i was going to google it first of course, i was just told by my friend that he did that and it fixed his xbox…

btw, i downloaded all the files i used to have and its still screwing me… i can’t even put my xbox in a cold area, it wouldn’t reach…

so im lost.

called again, they seem pretty confident that its the game disk… maybe something got corrupted or some nonsense…

imma try the same disk on a diff xbox tomorrow to confirm and help others who may happen to have this messed up glitch happen to them.

Play KOF instead.

Well I fixed a modem like that! I didnt believe it either, but I am still typing on it today. Only tryin to help, not get cyber-slapped lol.

screw vacuums, i just hit w/e isn’t working.

fail safe

lol I think I know why ur xbox isnt workin now! jk

i actually did smack the shit out of my xbox. that was after the issue started.


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My Xbox ate Call of Duty: Black Ops disc like a fat kid and breakfast.

I thought I was the only one this has happened to ,scratching disc for no reason that is. I bought a new xbox 360 elite (Jasper edition) specifically to play ssf4 (new disc) on when it came out and within 3 days the disk was scratched up very badly and it hadn’t even been taken out of the console. It never happened to any other disc except ssf4. I was pretty pissed as I couldn’t figure out why it would have done that.

Like other people have stated I don’t think it would be a software, update etc thing. Even if the drive spazzes out its very hard for it to get scratched unless there is some mechanical part which is scratching the disc.