Is Stick that much better?

Ive played on my ps2 controller since i got 3s and i hear people say that sticks are alot better and i see no difference.i beat people on sticks all the time is it really worth like 50 bucks to go buy a stick so i can beat them harder?

Just to have the experience…yeah. To be honest though…especially if you live in the US with the way Evo works now…you can get around with using a pad but as far as performing like a top level player (if you ever plan on doing that) a stick is a good investment. After using sticks for a while I’ve realized that even using a good custom stick just isn’t the same as having one that’s bolted onto a cabinet like at the arcades. Granted…your stick isn’t all fucked up like the one in the arcade but it can be difficult to figure out a way to play a custom stick so you dont mess up your execution. A good stick (especially a good custom) is definitely more durable and more precise than a pad but some people just like the feel of the pad. It takes a while to learn which way to hold your stick the best and with a pad…you just hold the shit and you can kinda do things on it.

Stick is a good investment in the long run but Evo has shown that there are people who can tear up on a pad. I’ve seen J.Wong win T5 Dark Res tourneys on a pad. It’s up to you I say. At first I used to be gung ho about sticks. I still am technically since for me they’re like a better version of the 6 button Genesis/Saturn pad that I used to love as a kid. I liked having all the buttons at my fingertips like at the arcade. The SNES/PS style shoulder buttons always turned me off.

I think its really more a matter of convenience than anything. For me, I didnt really like the 3rd strike button layout on a pad (esp the shoulder buttons) and got tired of having to remap the buttons whenever it was my turn to play (I had arranged my buttons to have the medium punch & kick be the shoulder buttons). Also, playing Tekken on a pad is INSANE for me, esp when you have to press square + O, or something ridiculous like that. It just feels more natural for me to use a stick than a pad

It depends on the game.

I think it’d be tough to do kara-anything on a pad, as well as charge partition. And, I couldn’t imagine trying to play Urien on a pad. But, if you don’t find the pad limiting your play, I guess there is no real reason to stop using it. However, if there’s a good arcade scene around where you live, you should definately consider getting a stick.

Expect to pay more than $50 for a quality joystick. I think $100-$150 is a bit more realistic. They’re expensive, but I don’t think many people regret making that investment. (As long as they do some research first and don’t end up with something they didn’t want or complete junk.) :smile:

pretty sure i said Thrid strike.

100$ jeeez ill just barrow one if i get the chance :razzy:

I always hope I play the guy with a ps2 controller :looney:. It’s like yay I got a bi first round. Err I mean I played some one that used a ps2 controller.

I’m terrible…I got beat by the guy with the PS2 controller. :sad:

Doesn’t matter what you use.
I think there are major advantages to using a stick though.

If your used to pad and your in an arcade only tournament, you may have an extremely hard time competing.

well… its common sense in most cases.

people that use pad = they cant use/dont feel comfortable with stick

people that dont play at arcades often = cant use/dont feel comfortable with stick

therefore, people who cant use/dont feel comfortable with sticks, ie pad people- do not play at arcades.

and where the competition at? teh arcades.

so yeah, the people playing sticks should be able to whoop any pad user cause of more competition/ experience they have… what does pad player have… 3-4 people they constantly play over and over again at home? or you somehow have a shit ton of really good third strikers in your area that all get together and play on console and you somehow get godly on pad.

which i doubt.

edit- yes. get a stick. and play at the arcades

well i can kara throw on pad ( but only with q and akuma) but i have to keep tapping the commands repeatedly but paritioning on pad is a bitch. i try urien on pad but it fucks up my hands i have to take a break from playing whenever i play urien

i reccomend that you get a pad its way funner and padhacking looks pretty fun too.

People can be just as good on pad as on stick. Personally, I hate playing on pad, but there are some top players who do. If I remember correctly Juicy G uses pad.

It took my 30 minutes to learn every combo I could find with Sentinel, and 5 minutes tops to ROM in pad, but I play 100x better on stick overall, just harder to execute with.

For 3s, stick is just easier to parry and punish with, but harder to hit confirm (as pad qcf x2 is much easier/faster).

yeah sometimes i play on a friends pad and i do allright but i cant do most of the stuff i can on pad lol… and when i try to do qcfx2 its just way to obvious and i mess up like 5 times :rolleyes: ill just try to get a stick sometime soon =p

for 3s its great improvement to use stick.

  1. Kara Throws (Akuma, chun li & Q’s)

  2. Partioning moves (buffering)

I guess its going to depend on the character. Like if you played chun, you wouldn’t need a stick to do what she needs to do to be effective. Her kara throw isn’t as effective as her overall gameplay. W\ ken, if your not worried about kara srk, its not a big deal either. Its not impossible to kara on a pad but the type of hand positioning to make karas easy isn’t available on a pad but remember that some kara’s are easier than others like makotos.

also, your supposed to ex with 3 buttons instead of 2 because sometimes your fingers don’t hit the buttons @ the same times. When you hit 3 buttons, you give yourself an extra input just in case you fuck up. Hitting 3p or 3k’s on a pad is possible but its going to feel awkward unless you got a weird setup or a button for x3 which is illegal for tourney play I believe.

I don’t know if I’d agree with that; her kara throw’s huge range allows her to stay at safe poking distance and still have the threat of a throw to mess with her opponent’s head. I’d say it’s a big part of her game.

if you wanted to take chun to the next level, yea you need her kara but to be effective, all you need to able to do w\ her is work her normals and hit confirms into super.

her kara opens up her true game but you can really be effective w\o it. Her normals are too good and low fwd super does half life. A smart, patient player can definetly get away w\ wins w\o her kara throw. Thats all i’m trying to say.

win evo maybe not but you can take chun pretty far on a pad.

I would say the biggest factor that got me to switch was simply because i could never EX 100% of the time. I mean if you play with your fingers on the front of the pad, it could work, but its not nearly as nice as on a stick. To be quite honest, I can’t see people playing a character like Yang seriously on a pad.

Yeah, that’s true. I guess I just love her kara throw too much. :wgrin: