Is Street Fighter(or other fighters) more fun with arcade stick?

I ask because I use the DS3 controler and my very fist fightstick (HRAP 3) won’t come until Monday.

Any fighter should be played with a stick. But yes, it is fun (if you have a quality stick).


the pads are such a handicap…

i have played on a stick and must go back to pad because i dont have one for the 360 … after playing a few minutes i have the urgent need to destroy something and nearly threw the controler against the wall … but i didnt because its the only one i had :rofl:

Once you get used to joysticks [if you aren’t by now], you’ll probably never want to go back to a pad.

I know I haven’t…[willingly]

100% better

I’m new to sticks and have TE stick which takes a while to get used to but much more fun, yes!

More fun is debatable, but it’s is nice just passing arcade sticks around not worrying about button configuration and having to pause the match at the beginning every time someone new plays. Lets the matches pass by smoothly from one person to another during casuals.

It takes a little while to get used to a joystick, but once you get used to it you will definitely see a jump in precision. If that’s your definition of fun, go for it.

Although they did do a good job with controls and many motions are easy to do on a pad now, I found a stick far more accurate and easier to pull off some motions with (especially if all you have is a 360 controller)