Is Strider/Doom/Spiral a viable team?

I was hoping to play this team, but I don’t know if it’s even possible to use effectively. I see Doom/Spiral not using much meter, and leading to a lot of Ouroborus for Strider.

Eddie lee used to rock this team WAYYY back in the day. The game has changed since then and who knows how effective it is anymore.

personally, I don’t like the way it works but that shouldn’t stop you from trying it out.

i am gonna say to put spiral first obviously. spiral/doom is really weird to work with though.

Lack of anti-air assist and a lack of solid trap makes this team tough to use.

it’s good for fun and to practice your execution (both spiral and strider require good execution), but aside from that , you’re just asking for snapback +dead assist and you’ll find out this team quickly becomes MSP food.

hehe, how about spiral strider sent? then you get the trap with spiral and can do ghetto strider sent traps. weren’t you saying that strider sent is becoming a beast paul?

strider\sent doesn’t suck as much as people say it does. You’d be surprised the things you could do with it.

I actually gave spiral/strider/sent a try for a while, too.

you still lack an AAA that spiral needs pretty bad and spiral/strider just don’t seem to work well in a team together because they are both slow-death characters.

it’s too bad strider sucks horribly as an assist. How hot would it be if we had strider bird or strider lion as an assist, and strider disappeared as quickly as he recovers when he’s on point using the bird or lion?

dumb capcom

i agree. strider/Im/sent is probably just as good as my strider/sent/doom.

spiral as a character aided to team chemistry is much better than strider ever will be. Spiral\sent is just retarded and as your duo, you have your point then your horizontal control. Spiral will allow for a 3rd AA who’s able to dump bar which should be cable imo. The team in general just flows together.

strider on the other hand, as of now, is automatically paired with doom. So the core of your trap is already there in s\d. The 3rd slot is usually backed by sentinel because he can deal damage w\o dumping bar and as an assist, he helps strider a lot but w\o proper AA, you’ll have to make up shit and use it as AA. Birds, bombs, teleports, c.fp all contribute to striders AA game. Not to mention sent\doom is really hard to play properly and it often gets eaten up because lack of an AA with sent. The only AA sent\doom has is call doom, short rh bombs.

IMO, spiral allows for better team chemistry which makes her balanced. s\d is overwhelmingly cheap and imo, its the better trap team but worse as an overall team.

they don’t belong on the same team because their traps are different and they don’t complement each other team chemistry wise.

if strider had his bomb as an assist, ssd would be 10x better than it is now.

Good analysis.

Strider bomb assist would have been awesome. Maybe too powerful since it’d stay on the screen so long and would serve as probably one of the best AAA in the game (a projectile AAA hahaha). I mean who really comes up to you to attack while that bomb is floating down from the parachute on a short bomb… nobody.

Strider would have been in top 5 if he actually had a bomb assist.

I’ve actually looked into this team, and have been thinkin about spiral/strider/sent as you get the super cool dhcs as well as a ghetto rocks. Everyone’s seen strider/sent come backs, but as a pure strat it might not be viable, but yeah about sp/st/D. I tried this team out for a bit but my spiral is kinda garbage but still. The MAIN problem is this team is too much around chip, no direct damage. Jaded mentioned this, they are both slow-death characters. I was playing this team against some Santhrax. It’s NOT fun to spend about 20 seconds or so getting storm down to 10% , just to get hit by one s.RH into a sent DHC and lose spiral. Same happens with strider as he has even LESS defense.

Overall the team would be really cool as the ultimate trap team, but after i played it a bit, i just realized, besides the fact taht spiral/doom is only mediocre, is that you can spend 50 seconds getting there team near death, then lose your whole team in a second. lack of direct damage makes this team fail imo.

spiral strider doom in that order (might have been said already) is a great combination.

illconstested… it’s not revolving around chip if you know anything other than traps. most good strider and spiral players know a lot more than traps.

^So true.

It’s not a good team.

why though?

from one persepctive, Spiral will build you all kinds of bar, safe dhcs/tricks to get from strider to spiral and back again seemlessly, with or without using meter, so you never have to let the pressure off-- ie when strider is out of meter to burn use Orobouros tag to get spiral in. Strider/Spiral proj. is a workable duo on its own if you lose doom. People shit on Spiral/Doom, but its not bad at all. I dunno but thats my 2 cents.

I can see the logic where this team falters though, it would definitely be comeback power. unless your Spiral and Doom are off the wall good, you lack the ability to off a character in a hurry.

because SOME people truly believe that the only teams in this game are MSP, MST, MSS, ROW, Scrub, Duc, Watts, Clock, Thrax, Matrix, and SSCable

EDIT: and combofiend and team japan

oh ya

I wrote reasons in another thread. When you’re willing to discuss them and the reasons I listed above, then we can have a real discussion.

Or if you’re in the north east US, just try to use spiral/doom at CF and then it’ll become apparent how bad that combo loses to rushdown.

wtf is spiral\doom using for AA? and how effective is that AA?

haha. super jump, or teleport. Thats definitely a weakness. TK Quickdrop, Light Hit is an option, especially since you buffer a block in. Or TK Quickdrop, assist, Teleport to where you can protect against assist punishment.

Maybe vidness can drop some knowledge, he has a lot of oddball spiral teams. Team plays weird, if you get out-maneuvered its over.

edited: Jaded, I feel like we just have opposite viewpoints-- you play enough beast players at CF to see how any weakness in team chemistry is game over. I’ve played/seen so much with low tier/goof around teams that I just won’t rule out anything as being completely ineffective.

Honestly, you’re probably the better player and I’m not disregarding what you say lightly, just saying that if you approach Doom assist from a different angle than Sent drones, you can create a workable offense. Strider obviously isn’t the best pairing here, but why not Cable or another AA. Topic for another thread probably.

wanted to nip any negativity in the bud :]