Is Super SF2 HD Remix Classic mode arcade perfect?


I want to know of the ST Classic Mode of HD Remix is arcade perfect. Everyone seems to only focus on the Remixed mode. Not that it may matter much seeing how ST seems to be dead in the U.S. (is it? I want to know). Speaking of which I hear there may be a qualifier held in the U.S. for the ST SBO tournament. Is anyone going to show up given how many new games are out now that people seem to be focused on?


No one wants to respond to my question? I waited a week to see if I got any responses. Guess no one knows the answer :(.


I’ve been wanting a real answer to this for the past year too.


Do you mean the same game as ST? No, I believe some things are changed around but I couldn’t tell you what.


From this article-

“There were a few more arcade-perfect ports on the Dreamcast; notably, ST got the best console port around until Capcom re-released ST on Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (The Classic Mode is a modified version of the Dreamcast port of ST)”

So its better than the DC port, but it still doesn’t clarify it that means arcade perfect


“Capcom has included a Classic Arcade mode on top. This is essentially an arcade-perfect port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo”

The word “essentially” makes me a little iffy and the fact that the site probably wouldn’t know themselves it was arcade perfect, but it seems they were told it was.


To answer your question about SBO, yes there will be a qualifier in the US. The location on it is still pending though.


To answer your question about Arcade perfect-ness, I know you can tweak the DC version to have the same original DIP settings as the CPS2, but it still just isn’t the same. The differences are so small that I even have a hard time putting my fingers on them, but its close enough to arcade perfect to practice on.


Speed is well…ST game speed is weird as hell in general. HDR Classic mode will match some ST stage on some ST board, but not all ST stages on all ST boards. Otherwise, pretty much. It doesn’t get mentioned, but making Classic mode accurate to the arcade was one of the things Sirlin pushed for as well.


It’s a shame you’re still stuck looking at the Remix graphics. A proper ST on xbox live would be too good.


You can change your settings to have the classic ST sprites in for the characters.


But the contrast of the low quality sprites to the high quality backgrounds makes it look horrible. They should have added a classic background option as well.


not including the old backgrounds was the dumbest thing ever but to be honest on an SDTV using the old sprites with new backgrounds doesn’t look that bad.

on HDTVs though UGH.


Nice, thanks for all the responses. Yes I did think it strange when the old classic ST stages weren’t included. Can you also use the old ST music if you want? Is that an option?


Yeah in both modes even. I prefer the older music so I play that when I’m in Remix mode.