Is T.Hawk competetive?

I would like to hear your thoughts about whether T.Hawk is able to be played competetive / win a tournament or not.
The similarity between Zangief and T.Hawk can’t be denied and (correct me if I’m wrong) i’ve never seen a zangief win a big tournament.
Right now I am maining Zangief and since i don’t like the new Zangief changes i want to switch to another character. It may be a grabbler again but im open to try other playstyles as well.
So what do you guys think? Should I stick to a grabbler or switch to shoto or anyone else if I want to be able win a tournament in the future?

(sry for my english)

T. Hawk is looking very very good. Possible bad matches though are Juri, M. Bison and Guile. Sagat looks to be a lot better for T. Hawk than Zangief because of Condor Dive, but Sagat will still be a pain.

He doesn’t do the epic scream when he dives.

Thus, he sucks.

The T in T.Hawk stands for Thunder. Do not be afraid to cry.

well I love the T. Hawk character (no homo) so I’m T. Hawk fo life but I don’t see any reason for a zangief main to switch to T. Hawk. a gief main, UltraDavid, provided some thoughtful observations in the t. hawk general discussion thread.


I see gief being better overall between the two. His lariat is a easy AA and easy to react when it comes to certain moves. Yeah he got changed in some ways but he’s still darn good.

If your going to main a character to beat giefs bad match up then I’d suggest another type of play-style character other then gief. If you like grapplers I’d suggest Abel because T.Hawk bad match ups will be BAD (imo)

I’m actually looking at Makoto myself (she gets hurt by projectile characters but I think she’ll do better then Hawk against some of his bad match ups plus I think she’s fun)

LOL, if you think Makoto is going to have better match-ups than Hawk, you should go check out the Makoto forum. Many are considering her ass tier. She has tons of trouble getting in and can’t handle being rushed down at all. Also, grapplers are giving her trouble. I hope tricks are found for her, but so far it isn’t looking too good.

Yep. Makoto does look pretty bad. The compensation for her diffuculty with handling rushdown and difficulty with rushing down the opponent in 3S was that she had good health and could kill you with two guesses, and neither of these advantages have been carried over.

T. Hawk, though, just looks the best he’s ever been.

Although T. Hawk has some trouble matchups, he’s definitely got good things going for him so that he may end up being around Zangief’s tier. So far, I’ve had to work with a ton of mindgames and fakeouts, which apparently T. Hawk is good at doing. He can dive short and grab, EX Condor Spire through projectiles, Chun-Li size legs, the only thing I have trouble with so far is getting the Ultra 2 when I need it.

Funny enough I’ve been talking with people on IRC and a good bit of people think T.Hawk is pretty underwhelming. Inkblot has been trying to convince people that he is going to be better than people think but we’ll see. Makoto isn’t going to be 3S Makoto but she is going to be plenty strong dont worry.

They’re probably thinking of the Super Turbo T. Hawk (and I’ll admit he’s closer to that than HDR). I’ve had a lot of people tell me online that they’re amazed I could play him legitimately. The only part about him that’s really bad is his awful properties on block for the Condor Dive. The Street Fighter 4 system seems to like the guy.

In terms of bad matchups being BAD, from what I’ve seen Gouken is very rough. The angle on his HP fireballs is basically identical to that of Hawk’s dive, but obviously given T Hawk’s huge hitbox you can’t really go right under the fireball and try to setup up throws or combos. EX Condor Spire is definitely key to find a way thru his fireballs and get in close.

I think it’s a tossup between him and Gief honestly. Gief obviously has Lariat, which alone gives him a much better game under pressure, but T Hawk closes ground much faster, which is often where Gief would be taking 90% of his damage.

Granted, I have yet to play T. Hawk vs. Gouken, but it seems he could still get there. Even if he can’t walk through fireballs, he can h. kick, EX Condor Spire, or even do a cr. hk when you anticipate it’s going up. Once you get the knockdown, the matchup should improve significantly.
Again, this is all theory, I have yet to play Gouken vs. T. Hawk.

They haven’t seen my T. Hawk yet :wink:

Yeah once you knock down Gouken the match improves a ton in your favor, especially given that Dive is armor breaking to stuff his counter attack, so empty jumps right on top of Gouken are basically a mixup totally in your favor.

I think a good Gouken can control/zone Hawk really well? Even if you happen to get in or him backed into a corner, he can EX DF out. A good Gouken also won’t abuse counter on Hawk, in fear of getting 360/720.

edit: I am pretty sure Gouken’s Lp DP and U2 can punish a blocked HD?

Also, anyone else think the Condor Spire in Alpha 3 is better than the CS in 4?

More then likely yes on the counter Rojo, playing random people online so far people are still pretty confused by the new characters, so i haven’t seen anyone try it yet, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume at this point that anything could punish a blocked dive.

Random stuff - Blocked machine gun blow is a free 360 or 720

I never used CS in A3. Then again I didn’t really play Hawk in A3. Worst version of him yet.

Only real problem with A3 Hawk is that his 360’s did piddley in damage. HOWEVER, The recovery from the 360 was extreme fast, talking Raiden CvS2 recovery, if not quicker. You could do close mp,whiff 360,720 bait. In X-ism, his jab 360 did as much as his FP? Maybe a “Anthology” glitch?

As for CS, I dunno, I wish they had brought back the command over head for SSF4. Seems like there was more mix up/mindgame potiential.