Is T.Hawk solid in AE?



Hi guys. I’ve been playing T.Hawk in AE for about a month now, and I really REALLY like his style. Most people have been telling me that T.Hawk isn’t a viable/good/solid character in AE, but so far I’m not seeing it. I can see that he’s not good at pressuring consistantly due to his lack of frame advantage on normals, but other then that I don’t really see any major weaknesses with him.

You guys have more experience then I do, and if you guys can give me your input on this, I would really appreciate it. Is he a worthwhile character to use? Is he solid? And if not, what would it take to make him viable? Thanks.


On paper, he is noticeably better. So far, most of the “tier lists” have him at or near the bottom. My guess is that he’ll climb the ranks a ways, but still end up on the bottom half.


Thanks for your input. I really think T.Hawk is a solid Mid-Tier character in AE, maybe even high Mid-Tier. Old Matchups like Dhalsim/Blanka/Honda/Guile are still hard, but they’re much easier.

In fact, I think Dhalsim is now a 5/5 matchup for T.Hawk (Not trolling). His normals will trade ALOT more often now (In Hawk’s favor too), and his upclose defense has weakened significantly. You guys will see just how much easier the Sim matchup got for Hawk. It’s a blessing.


The main problem with T. Hawk is he need more EX than other chars to counter a match-up, but the fact that the Condor Dive can be EX’ed alone now in AE is really great, especially with Akuma or Chun-Li for example, or heavy fireball users.


After messing around abit with AE i think Hawk is definitely alot better than he was in super. The buffed U2 is a really good tool and ex dive is good for conditioning opponents to not carelessly throw fireballs. I’ve mained Vega since Vanilla but I’m seriously considering switching to Hawk in AE.


His improvements, especially the EX Dive and U2 buff (wish they changed the input so you could use on reaction) are well appreciated, however I can never see him becoming a real threat. He has too many bad match-ups, most of which require him to patiently wait to get inside while taking damage. Then when you get in, he’s dangerous, but its still not a guaranteed win like everyone seems to think it is. If you’re looking to win a tournament definitely use someone else. If you’re looking to have fun with a character you like, then T. Hawk is the man =D. There is little versatility to his play style so I think he will stay right where he is on the tier list… But I still love him!


Man, his U2 is insanely good now. The only problem is that I still randomly get condor spire and even tomahawk when doing it. I need one of those 8 gates…


I thought I was the only one. I can do it on the 1P side, but have problems on the second player side due to having to reverse the 2 HCB motions in a direction I’m not comfortable with. Now I get random EX DP’s and Condor Spires as a result.

I wish they would have allowed you to do the HCB in either direction.

I use a Square gate BTW.


Change the input on U2 to double QCB 3K and im sold. I still like the damage and fear factor U1 brings to the table.


IMO, he’s more solid than in SUPER…


I have raged so many times over messing this up in online matches. I’m hoping this 2xHCB shortcut I read about today (HCB, DF, B) will work.


Is T. Hawk solid in AE?

Answer 1A: Of course.


Answer 1B: What? As opposed to diarrhea?

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His U2 comes out way fast now. If you cannot react fast enough… you suck…period.

I am more scared about whiffing a move vs Thawk or being well predicted and getting crumpled. If T.Hawk lands a crumple with full ultra 2 and you have half life and are not T.Hawk…you are dead.

Overall Thawk is probably the most solid Grappler. His close ST.Mk leaving him frame advantage now on block and is a part of a block string is pretty gdlk. His EX dive is good for obvious reasons, and his extra meter and hit-box on condor spire cannot be ignored either. The one thing that woul bump him to top ten is if his LP condor spire gave advantage on block…that would be nice. Also, fighting a T.Hawk with super and U2 stored up is unreasonably scary as well…mainly because of the buff his super received.


His u2 is still very easy to safe jump and cross up. Also double half circle on reaction is odd on a shitload of characters unless you are buffering…but thats not reacting, thats reading. I still prefer U1 with a few exeptions.


I hate comments like this. Sure, if someone just empty jumps towards you then it may be easy do it on reaction. But if the motion was different then think of all the OTHER things it may catch on reaction. Blanka ball, psycho crushers, little hoppy overheads that a lot of the cast have (like Fei Long and Vega),etc. Yeah, it can be buffered, but an easier motion would still make some things that are currently difficult to react to a lot EASIER to react to. And in some cases it makes something impossible to react to merely DIFFICULT to react to. Telling someone they suck because the motion makes some things almost impossible to react to is just wrong and shitty.

Also, if you can’t space LP Condor Spire to be safe on block…you suck…period.


Yeah, I was pretty damn good with Hawk in Super, but AE has me winning more often, or at least coming extremely close to victory. Like everyone else said, EX Dive while jumping backwards is one of his best new tools that changes things up if you use it wisely. Overall, you still need to play smart with Hawk, but he “feels” better to use now. Def. stick with him in AE.


i’m dissing hawk.
going to zangief :D.
i’ll play hawk if i see a zangief player hahaah.
don’t know how to play gief vs gief.
hawk is fun though.


His Ultra 2 should be QCFx2 3P or 3K. Same motions as his tomahawk buster, which would make more sense.

Doing 2 HCB in a row without jumping, doing condor spire or tomahawk buster is difficult and too slow to do on reaction. This is why 90% of the games I play I just pick U1.

I don’t even care if they lowered the damage of it by 15%, I would still have more confidence going into matches with U2.


the motion for the u2 is pretty easy e fits perfect i cant think in another imputs… the two half circles would be very cheap, the two srk motions weird… is just training guys, go to training mode and train a lot, it will come naturally in the matches after pratice.


It would have been such a simple and smart thing to move the activation of U2 to KKK instead of PPP. It’s a very damaging move, so I can understand making it a bit more of a difficult motion, (I still can’t reliably do it on reaction) but damn, all those 360s and DPs that come out instead…ugh.