Is Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online laggy for you?

Hey guys, been playing TvC for a bit now, the game is great, but I’ve had some bad experiences playing online. I haven’t played anyone who is definitely near me, and there’s no ping/gauge to tell the connection quality, but almost every match is laggy as hell. Out of about 20 online matches, maybe 5 have been CLOSE to normal. I am using a wireless connection, but the Wii is literally 5 feet away from the router. I would get a Wired adapter, but do you guys think it would make a big difference? The person on the other end may just be using a weak wireless connection and it would foul up again. It’s a shame the online had to suffer from this, or this would be a great addition to online capable Wii titles.

Most of my matches are pretty playable. Normally there is just a slight delay. Every know and then I get a match with super lag or button delay. So far though every thing runs great.

As for getting the wired adapter, Is that going to make a difference if the other guy is wireless? Have you tried port forwarding?

that makes two of us … out of 20 matches i get 1 match that is “PLAYABLE” … the adapter just doesnt work, well it didnt work for me, i bought it and SFS. it just make you connect faster to the wi-fi network but in real matches i get the same

Does anyone know some methods of port forwarding to make the online play a little faster on the wired end? I just got an adapter and it does work fine, but there are too many people with crap wireless connections, and it’s destroying the online play pretty hard. ALL of the matches I have, have delay or lag. Haven’t had a decent match yet really. Button delay, movement delay… just takes away from everything. I can’t get a handle on it to save my life. Just results in more loss, and no real experience or practice. Just whiffed moves all over the place.

Really? Was our match really that laggy? There was practically no delays on my end.

In Brawl, using the adaptor auctually made button lag worse for me.I wouldn’t give wired connectivity too much credit. I get no button/input delay on all the fighting games on XBL and it’s wireless. I think having a wired connection makes it more secure, and less likely to drop on your end.

The problem is most players play under their firewalls. They haven’t port forwarded or DMZed their Wii. It’s the security that makes it hard to play games online. I remember when I was under custom security settings, my wii was always dropping Brawl matches. It would only go one or two matches before disconnecting, and swapping/KOing pokemon with PT always lost the signal. Once resetted to factory settings, I didn’t have that problem anymore.

If I ever get my friends code, I’ve play a couple matches with some of you. See if the lag gets better or worse.

Unfortunately my friend. =( It was pretty laggy. It could just be me even though I’m wired through my router. That’s why I’m wondering if anyone could help me forward the ports, or give me some advice. It could just be on my end. But I don’t know, I thought being wired right to my router would help definitely. Maybe I need to hook it right to the modem.

Is there anyway you could help me do this M.D.? Well, any advice on what I can do? I know nothing about port forwardign or "DMZ"ing Wiis. Also, are you talking about factory settings on your Wii? or router?
I have no problems playing wireless on my Ps3. Blazblue matches run smooth as a babies bottom. No lag, always perfect. Just my Wii I’m having trouble with.

It’s in your router. Most routers have a setting to let you DMZ one device that uses internet, and it should be somewhere under your firewall settings.

What WaInut said. just connect your Wii to wifi, then access the router menu from your computer. The address is different depending on what model you have(On my netgear router, it’s You can find out the username, password and instructions from Google.

Ah, it’s too bad, since the game is pretty great, that we can’t get a good online experience as well. What ports would I need to forward, I could do that pretty easily if I needed to…

my experience with online is not so good. i use wireless connect but still get laggy matches. i hear some people get good online with wireless connect. so what am i doin wrong? my wii is upstairs while my internet modem is downstairs. does that make a difference? i get beat on because of lag but i can tell im at least decent enough to put up a fight if there was no lag which is what i dont like, i get beat on by guys i couldve hammered offline.

Yes that does make a difference. I had my Wii set up in my living room with the router upstairs. I had an ok connection, it was playable. I took the Wii upstairs into the computer room and the connection is now damn near flawless.

@Pancake_Blaster cool thanx. i will try that now.

Investing for a lan adapter made my connections and battles a big difference. I got mine at a local Best Buy for $20

My Wii is on wireless, DMZ’d. I’ve had a few laggy matches out of 20 or so, but the majority are very playable.

Most of my matches have been lag free

Same here. Once I switched to “Wired” It was like night and day with the online. I may get 1 out of 5 matches that has very slight lag, but input is always on the money.

You need to define a static IP for your Wii through the connection menu. Then forward these ports through your router: 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443.

Wired WILL make a difference IMO. Even if its five feet away, it’s still not gonna be as fast as a wired.