Is Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online laggy for you?


What I’ve been noticing is that when I am 2P, the lag is just terrible.


let the master solves ur problem. u guys have been online with xbox and psn too much that u guys know nothing about wii online games. all wii online fighting games are lagging. only racing games dont lag. it is not your internet, but it is wii server. they dont spend money on their server. hope this helps


I have a wired adaptor and it doesnt help much :o


Played against a mate of mine who lives in Canada the other day and was getting half a second button delay. :frowning:


I was playing my friend 1200 feet away and getting that or worse. :bluu:


So guys… is there ANY way Nintendo can improve the Wii’s wifi to the level of 360s and PS3s? As much as I hate the Wii’s wifi, it’s a shame that good games such as this and Naruto CONR3 have suffered from it.

And I don’t know about you guys but, I was actually hopeful for Brawl’s wifi. ;_;


What a disappointment, the lag in this game has left it practically unplayable for me online.


I guess Im not alone here. I stopped playing online for a while, now today I wanted to see if I had some good luck in finding decent comp with decent lag … It was just horrible.
I wanted to get again into the fighting game scene, and since I still dont have a ps3/360, wii’s tvc was going to be a viable option with its online capability. Now I guess I will have to wait to play fighting games, and keep playing other ones.
Pro evolution soccer 2010/fifa 10 on wii anyone? :looney:

I just retired as a pro from mkwii by the way.


Had some matches today that were really close to being button lag free. If you haven’t DMZed your Wii yet, I strongly suggest that you do.


If one might be so kind as to point us to a nice step-by-step, that’d be most helpful. I’d really love to see this game not be completely godawful.


Yes I’d like a guide too although I’m a bit hesitant to DMZ my Wii because I’ve heard from some people that it has actually made their Wii’s wifi connection even slower.:amazed:


The way I see it for me, it can’t POSSIBLY get worse for me. It’s unplayable at this point, so any slower and I’d never know.


I’ve tried it wirelessly. Not too much problemson my end, just noticing that I play with the same people at times and there is a major lag. But i did notice that there is a tiny delay on it. I play for fun online , but it gets annoying when you notice that it seems much faster when I play offline


I am sure that it must be the connection of one of the players. I’ve had it happen once or twice today.


I had this game for a month or so, and I experienced some astonishing lag during online play.

I can’t quite explain it, but I think the lag allows my opponent to recover on blocked dragon punch type move or an auto combo super (that should leave them massively vulnerable during recovery) a split second before I can punish them. Yesterday a Chun Li completely whiffed her hard attack version of tenshou Kyaku. I had all kinds of meters and was basically waiting to punish her upon landing, but incredibly she comboed me first. Sometimes they’ll even call an assist during recovery or even wakeup.

The game occasionally freeze for a split second right after a launching hp, which effectively kills air combo opportunities or results in an unintended special move, depending on the character.

I’m wondering why the game received mostly positive reviews. It’s SLOW, and most of the characters feel like generic combo machines. I tried out tekkaman and gave up when jump attempts after his launcher resulted in galaxy windmill.


i dont play this game online unless i know who im playing against and they have a LAN adapter. with both people on lan we have almost no lag at all. the online is not playable otherwise.


It mixed for me but as stated above, if the connection is good and the opponent is aswell. I will rematch. It is a tad frustrating though waiting all that time to connect to someone, only for it lag


I barely have unplayable matches, but I get a lot of input delays which pisses me off.


That’s my gripe with the game online.

Input Delay + Wiimote Advantage + Bad Matchup(s) + Ragequit w/o penalty = Profound Pointlessness…and Sadness.


It’s barely worth playing. I just mess around with friends offline. If only there was an outlet to take this one more seriously. back to xmvsf.