Is Tatsunoko vs Capcom Online laggy for you?


I’m afraid this is going to happen to me allot when I get the game, I live in Australia. I’m sure most players will be from the US. Anyone know which ports to forward to get the game running fine?


The main problem with all of this is, even though you can personally do your best to make the connection as good as possible (wired, static IP etc) the other player is going to have his own connection regardless, and the match is going to be shitty anyways.

I’ve gotten maybe 5 satisfying (not saying perfect) matches out of 20 and decided to quit because it really wasn’t worth it.


Most my match r playable expect input lag. Gotten a rare super lag match here and there but my online experience is good and all. Last note i by WIFI!


Unfortunately, there’s no way I can play with a wired connection, the modem is in my parent’s bedroom and my Wii is in the gameroom. =\

Anyway wireless isn’t all bad, at least it makes tick throwing easier IMO.


In my opinion it’s almost unplayable by competitive standards, after playing online for a few hours I could see that it was making me worse at the game. You have to resort to using basic tactics/lag exploits because most of your better options are nonviable because of the Wii’s online speed. I can play MvC2/BB on XBL with almost zero lag against most, so it’s definitely not my connection.


I actually suffer from laggy matches a lot, as some of my lag-free matches are at least once every five matches.


I agree with most people on here in that my online matches are UNPLAYABLE!! I think it is nintendo’s fault, cuz i have a 360 and SF4 runs flawlessly 99% of the time.


In my experience, wifi lag really kills the game. Just someone jumping at you, you blocking the jump attack, then the opponent tries a link string starting with d.A … results: You eat the whole combo because when you pressed down to block the low attack, lag prevented you to do it instantly. Is this the actual case? If so, then **** this game on wifi.


^Truth. The online aspect of the game for me is just to study the matchups to see how characters pit againist one another. Trying to play without mashing results in missed inputs and mistimed combos. Mashing doesn’t help either cause it then results in SF4 jab combos knocking the opponent top far away to combo into anything else. Add on top of that having to fight guys with the wiimote shortcuts making every easy for them, and you have a pretty lousy time.


Man… I just tried it for the first time tonight… there’s gotta be somethin’ fugged up on my end, 'cause this is just bad. We’re talking minimum half-second delay on input and stuttering like mad. Even Brawl wasn’t this bad. Any ideas?

EDIT: Before I get any “do a static IP” replies, I do have this set up. I did the best configuration possible back when Brawl came out to mitigate the lag and it did okay for how bad Brawl was, but this is still far worse.


I also cannot stand playing this game online anymore, ive played about 300 matches and about 75% of the players i go against results in games with half-second input lag or longer. I stubbornly kept playing on and on hoping that i would atleast find a decent pool of lagless players i could contend with, but those 1 or 2 ppl dont even play anymore it seems…

I have a wired connection, tried both DMZ’ing wii and forwarding ports with the only noticeable improvement on delay for lvl selection, connecting to a player ( all that less than important stuff)

a couple of the most annoying things about the lag is no-register on quartercircle or wutever motions, and Tekaman blade’s falchion spam is near impossible to block on reaction (mixups in general too truthfully)

without any further suggestions to solve this problem i guess i will just have to go back to SF4


i dont know bout it really being laggy but right now im overseas in turkey and im really tired of not being able to play people and even more upset with losing to fucking zero scrubs due to the lag.


What I’ve been noticing is that when I am 2P, the lag is just terrible.


let the master solves ur problem. u guys have been online with xbox and psn too much that u guys know nothing about wii online games. all wii online fighting games are lagging. only racing games dont lag. it is not your internet, but it is wii server. they dont spend money on their server. hope this helps


I have a wired adaptor and it doesnt help much :o


Played against a mate of mine who lives in Canada the other day and was getting half a second button delay. :frowning:


I was playing my friend 1200 feet away and getting that or worse. :bluu:


So guys… is there ANY way Nintendo can improve the Wii’s wifi to the level of 360s and PS3s? As much as I hate the Wii’s wifi, it’s a shame that good games such as this and Naruto CONR3 have suffered from it.

And I don’t know about you guys but, I was actually hopeful for Brawl’s wifi. ;_;


What a disappointment, the lag in this game has left it practically unplayable for me online.


I guess Im not alone here. I stopped playing online for a while, now today I wanted to see if I had some good luck in finding decent comp with decent lag … It was just horrible.
I wanted to get again into the fighting game scene, and since I still dont have a ps3/360, wii’s tvc was going to be a viable option with its online capability. Now I guess I will have to wait to play fighting games, and keep playing other ones.
Pro evolution soccer 2010/fifa 10 on wii anyone? :looney:

I just retired as a pro from mkwii by the way.