Is Tatsunoko vs Capcom Worth it?


i want your opinions is it worth 50 dollars ? or not and is the fightstick basically the SE fightstick?


If you have a wii get it , its definitely worth it since it’d be the only good “fighting game” on wii …


hows the gameplay? on it? and hows wifi? yes i have a wii


I’m not going to buy a game just because it’s the only good “fighting game” on the Wii. How about the game itself? Is it good and do you think it will have a solid community like other capcom games on the different consoles? Also, how does it compare to mvc2?


I’m really enjoying the game. It’s really fun and easy to get into. The combos are fun and the animations are exciting. I have the TvC stick and it seems to be built pretty decently…I’ll wait after a month or two to see how the build is. The online can be laggy at times, but that’s all depending on player connections.



is it worth $50?
like any other new game its worth the same. the game itself its pretty good, the game mode its similar to mvc2 but not the same, in my oppinion mvc2 is better that tvc. but tvc is really good. the combo system is really easy, you only have 3 main bottoms L M H, kick and puch is the same bottom the diference is that is u press foward it does a kick if u press back is a puch …

solid community??
umm its hard to tell it depends on how well people adapt to the game and how many are willin to spend money in getting the system and accesories to play it, but it looks it is going for a good way i have friends that doenst like mahvel (the game its too complicated for the them, they just play sf4), but they played tvc and now they are addictive to it, why? they feel good because they can do what they cant do on mahvel, because of the gameplay, its really easy. i have ppl playing it at my college and know of another two that also play it. but who knows how well the game will do. i think the main issue it has to overcome is the CONSOLE, is wii.

compare to mvc2?

like i said , its SIMILAR but not the same. the only comparison i can do right now its that in tvc and mvc2 u have air combos and combination of supers


and yeah i forgot online playing is shit!!! … most players have a fucking laggy connection. but the game is good! lol


GGXX AC and Nartuo 3 are on there


Best to use the LAN Adapter for a wired connection, people are reporting a huge disparity between wifi and wired in terms of connection quality. MvC2 is great, and it has it’s similarities to this game, but I love the fact that nearly every character is viable, if not all, as opposed to mvc2 where there are around 6-8 depending on setups. Great game, and I’ve only been playing on crappy wiimote until my custom arrives. (simplified mode is shit lol, i guess it serves it’s purpose though)


sooo, the lan adapter really does a huge difference in connectivity?


Forget about 'best fighting game on wii’
It is an awesome game and definitely worth it.


Forget about 'best fighting game on wii’
It is an awesome game and definitely worth it.





Shhhhh!..let people think what they want


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It’s more balanced than MvC2. O:


It’s a very good game and worth it. Easy to get into, fun to play, fun to find out different combos with various characters, fun to master characters and character combinations, just plain fun. Has good online, from what I’ve played lately.

A must have Wii title in my opinion. I hope it sells really well too, it’s that good.


It really blew me away, definitely on par with all the current fighters, if you have a Wii, GET IT.


Fantastic game. Get a LAN adapter if you want to play online.

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Wouldn’t both players have to have the LAN adapter for it to make a difference? The chances of playing another person who has one are pretty slim…