Is Tatsunoko vs Capcom Worth it?


It’s worth a try and it’s marvel lite! but beware the online since it’s a hit and miss


I hear you man. It’s bad enough some characters don’t have the normals to deal with these little bastards, it’s worse when the player is using the wiimote’s semi-auto hit confirm.


I’ve made a thread last night about this and didn’t realize this was around since new at this forum…so here my question I put in on other thread I made

“Before I even buy the game is there is a way to make it “No lag” on TvC Wii Online? Just wonder cause I been looking around to see if there is possible a lag on TvC so I wonder what you guys opinion for make it not lag if you can help before I buy it? Thanks!” - Rapid


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No, because it’s peer-to-peer so the connection depends on how far you are to your opponent. There’s always lag present, and depending on your opponents connection, it can get worse during the match.


How’s the game on pad?


What determines if this game is “worth it” or not is if there is any sort of scene/player base for it (even if small) in the area you live in. If there is, then yes, pick it up. It’s a fun and addictive game, and takes the Versus series of games in a new (do not read that as bad or good specifically) way. However, if there isn’t I wouldn’t bother with it. The online aspect of the game is about the same as you’d expect from the online community in any fighting game. Mostly bad players with even worse attitudes, and the few good ones you find in between.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel series or any of the other versus series games however, don’t head into TvC with any preconceived ideas about it, as you will more than likely be let down when one aspect of the game doesn’t work the way you’d like it to, or when something doesn’t work like it has in previous versus titles.


Hmm I think I’m going buy game + stick + lan adapter and going search about port foward on router for wii that I heard about and yea I guess I hope I see you online >.> Gonna get it sometime next week


i need 2 more bucks to buy this game and i hope its worth it,


It plays pretty good on the Classic Controller.


great i just bought the game and i’m gonna use the classic controller on it,


Let me know how it goes :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried the classic controller and was immediately thrown out by the way it feels. Diagonals don’t always register and the buttons are too small. I recommend using a GC controller.


game is tons of fun. i dont take it seriously like i do with SSF4 but its lots of fun and the combos are awesome to pull off.


def worth it.

fight teh pros on the west and the only two pros on the east me and skisonic lol, ull have a great time.!!!


i own a wii solely for THIS game (and now netflix, lol). if you are a hardcore sf fan, get it.


not to mention the entire SamSho series, KoF 94-98, FF series, etc…

And of course TvC is worth it. It’s the most balanced Vs. game ever made (and is looking to keep that title for a long time) and is one of the most ridiculous and liberal fighters out there. I’ve been playing MvC and MvC2 for years and I can honestly say TvC blows them both out of the water.

And makes SFIV look… dated.


I disagree. SFIV may have some pretty bad character models, but the game as a whole looks better than TVC. Of course, that’s not saying that TVC looks bad, cause it doesn’t.

I also don’t think it blows MVC1 out the water; that’s a pretty good game. I will say it’s more balanced than MVC2 though, and that’s why I opted to pick it up. I wanted to get better but when you get up there at high-level, it’s becomes a extensive meter game. You could say the same for MVC2, but that game doesn’t have megacrash.


Eh, I’d say it’s worth it. It’s overall a pretty ok game, but the wifi made me rage.


It might be a good idea to get used to meter management now in TvC, since building meter is mostly based on delivering/taking damage and blocking in MvC3. Whiffed attacks in MvC2 made building meter a breeze, but TvC meters can go away pretty fast, especially when baiting meter usage with baited-and-blocked mega crash with proper punish is put into play.