Is Tatsunoko vs Capcom Worth it?


I’d get the game with the stick. If you’re lucky you can snag one at Best Buy. Might want to mod the buttons though; they’re a little lacking in feedback.


IMO, this is the best fighter on the Wii to date! The online game play is fun (when you have a challenging opponent & no lag) and the game itself is beautifully designed with many intricate in game techniques. Both seasoned veterans of the fighting series, as well as new comers will learn to love and appreciate this game! I wasn’t familiar with the Tatsunoko characters, however they have grown on me (I play Jun the Swan and Chun-Li team primarily). Also, the game is visually stunning, especially on and HDTV. I initially played the game with the standard Wii remote, and although its enjoyable, I went out and purchased the Classic Wii Remote and am able to utilize much more effective combos. I’m considering purchasing a joystick within in the near future. All in all, I definitely recommend this game and hope you decide to pick up a copy and learn to love it like I have! Happy Battling!


So for the lag problem to be kinda solved, both players need to be wire connected using a lan adapter, correct?
I guess location also depends. Even though I use domestic search, some matches are full of lag.


great game. get it. Online as stated can use some work but overall good to add to your collection of wii games


Best Wii fighter, so basically if you have a wii, get it.


I really like the gameplay. its a very different pace than SF4 and has some pretty fun and dynamic gameplay mechanics like the baroque, it lets you sacrifice the red recoverable portion of health to cancel recovery frames of almost any move while also increasing damage relative to how much red health you sacrificed. You can cancel into sudden overheads, extend combos, render unsafe moves safe.

As for the online play… my experience is that it is largely very very bad lag even after i got wired adapter, forwarded appropriate ports, also tried dmz’ing wii. I dont play it online anymore.


ugh sry double post…


after countless battle against nimrod noobs and wiimote wannabes, some of them I end up losing due to lag and easy mode affecting the matchup, I’m just about done with this game, at least online. With the scene so small, and popularity so low (even before MVC3) it’s just not worth it to level up in this game unless you’re planning to stick it to the wiimote babies (yeah, good luck with that) or go against Keits and co.


no, this game aint worth it.


Even the single player experience isn’t that great. Take out the miminal button layout, baroque, air combo partner switch, and level the 2"emergency escape" move, and the game’s none too different fro MvC1.

I don’t know who to blame for the terrible online experience. I’m tired of moves not coming out at tight moments (the game has trouble distinguishing between fireball and shoryuken command), combos interrupted by lag, and the inexplicably sensitive assist / partner switching. Pressing back and Partner will often result in in my character scooting back a bit after a brief pause. If you moved even a milisecond after calling out an assist, they won’t come out.

I have a wireless linksys game adpater for my old school PS2, and have experienced nearly ZERO lag. I heard some wonderful things about the original XBOX live, but PS2 online was free and worked prefectly fine. So what’s up with nintendo’s wifi? There’s occasionally lags even in COD modern reflex.

Back to TvC - is anyone else having trouble against the “mini” characters (Roll, Zero, Viewtiul Joe, etc)? They’re tough to hit, but have all kinds of ways to swarm all over you. Lots of priority in their normals too, it seems.


It’s worth a try and it’s marvel lite! but beware the online since it’s a hit and miss


I hear you man. It’s bad enough some characters don’t have the normals to deal with these little bastards, it’s worse when the player is using the wiimote’s semi-auto hit confirm.


I’ve made a thread last night about this and didn’t realize this was around since new at this forum…so here my question I put in on other thread I made

“Before I even buy the game is there is a way to make it “No lag” on TvC Wii Online? Just wonder cause I been looking around to see if there is possible a lag on TvC so I wonder what you guys opinion for make it not lag if you can help before I buy it? Thanks!” - Rapid


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No, because it’s peer-to-peer so the connection depends on how far you are to your opponent. There’s always lag present, and depending on your opponents connection, it can get worse during the match.


How’s the game on pad?


What determines if this game is “worth it” or not is if there is any sort of scene/player base for it (even if small) in the area you live in. If there is, then yes, pick it up. It’s a fun and addictive game, and takes the Versus series of games in a new (do not read that as bad or good specifically) way. However, if there isn’t I wouldn’t bother with it. The online aspect of the game is about the same as you’d expect from the online community in any fighting game. Mostly bad players with even worse attitudes, and the few good ones you find in between.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel series or any of the other versus series games however, don’t head into TvC with any preconceived ideas about it, as you will more than likely be let down when one aspect of the game doesn’t work the way you’d like it to, or when something doesn’t work like it has in previous versus titles.


Hmm I think I’m going buy game + stick + lan adapter and going search about port foward on router for wii that I heard about and yea I guess I hope I see you online >.> Gonna get it sometime next week


i need 2 more bucks to buy this game and i hope its worth it,


It plays pretty good on the Classic Controller.