Is taunting bad sportsmanship?


I was wondering what the stance on this is. If you taunt during an online match, is it unacceptable? I really enjoy the online SSFIV community, but I don’t want to be a sore winner or anything like that.

So, to taunt or not to taunt?

Thanks guys.


If you are not taunting, you are not winning.


I never taunt, I’d rather spend the time setting up my offense. Besides, I see winning the match as the ultimate taunt against your opponent.


The only thing I don’t like about taunting in SF4 is you can cancel the taunt.


if you taunt online you’re playing online


I think the only acceptable time to taunt is when you’re actually using it to play mindgames, and the stakes are high, and that when the match is over, you make sure to be as sportsmanlike as possible.

And I mean both verbal AND in-game.

So when you’re playing a casual or for fun game? Don’t bother unless its been accepted to be ok between the both of you (if you’re friends for instance). You’ll only come off like a douche and if you lose, its even more humiliating for you. However, at a tournament, I can see taunting as an acceptable strategy to bait the opponent into making stupid moves in order for you to punish. Tell him his playstyle could use a certain something, tell him to hit you when you do a certain move, and sometimes, it works. He’ll take the bait and you can punish him into high heaven for it. Keeping calm is part of being a good player, if your opponent gets hot-headed, take advantage of it during the match!

However, if you’re ever going to get any respect, be sure to respect your opponent right after. Tell him it was a good game, that in reality he plays well and you were only saying those things in the heat of the moment. Tell him you hope to play him again in the future cause it was an exciting match, or tell him you’ve never seen someone use that character/team so well before.

TL;DR: Do it when it matters (ie: in tournys) to gain an advantage. But always stay classy in the end.


People do it a lot online. I just make sure to stun them, taunt harder and kick them out when I win if they taunt me.


who gives a fuck


ya but its funny


If you get butthurt over taunting you’ve not been playing figthing games for long


Just don’t taunt if the situation doesnt merit it. My friend whos just learning how to play gets taunted a lot online when hes matched up with people way above his skill level, I think thats inappropriate because it makes the taunter look pretty shit if all they have to do to start feelin themselves is beat on a new player.


It’s SFIV. By going online in the first place you’ve initiated a taunt.

Besides you’re trying to win. Bury your opponents face and their pride along with their crushed egos in the dirt.


If you weren’t meant to taunt in the game, then they wouldn’t have put taunts in there to begin with. Online doesn’t make a difference. If you’re up for it, just go and rub it in their face with a good ol’ HP+HK.


Shut the fuck up about sportsmanship.


Fuck the sportsmanship. If my opponents is bad enough that he leaves me an opening to taunt, then they deserve to be taunted.


You see? This guy knows what he’s talking about.

Taunting is only acceptable if the player is Dan


how do you feel about people who run away and taunt?


taunting can be used as a strategy; ya OK but honestly the game is not supposed to get intense all the time so dan it out once in a while and never take the game so seriously(Throw a pad or stick). Just remind the other players to have fun and never take the taunting seriously if you do taunt send a message or tell the other player its all in fun because it never hurts to show respect.


LOL, I’ll pay Diego 100 bucks to taunt on Wong XD


As a Dudley player, I use his rose toss taunt to actually mess up my opponent. Rose throw into EX MGB actually works A LOT. People get confused as hell that the rose actually can stop them from doing moves. Isn’t a reliable thing to do, but it sure is funny when it works!

Besides that, taunting can be a good way to get your opponent to start messing up. They may change their playstyle out of frustration at the fact that you’re taunting them. OR it might just earn you a beating. I’ve got a few replays saved of jackasses taunting me after getting a round 1 victory, only to have me stomp the crap out of them for the next two rounds.