Is team composition a myth based on how severe counter picking has become?

i always thought a scrub was someone who thinks they’re awesome, but actually sucks

Urban Dictionary

  1. scrub

A scrub is a now generalized term used as a synonym for a “noob” or “newb,” which is someone who is bad at a video game or activity in general.

Most of the definitions here, surprisingly, have nothing to do with the actual term. The original definition is related to a person who makes a mistake in a video game, which is such a bad mistake that it is clearly wrong, yet they persist in making it. The term derives from Street Fighter II, to describe some players that were so bad that they would mash their hands across the control pad, an act known as “scrubbing,” because it relates to scrubbing a car or other object with a sponge. Thus they were deemed “scrubbers,” or “scrubs” for short. Over time this term expanded throughout the gaming world, and then the real world, and lost its original meaning.
If you’re a scrub, then you owe me a cookie.

Counter picking requires a ton more thought than scrubbing on buttons so…yeah this conversation will get nowhere if it continues.

Just because Trish can make it impossible for Wesker to hail mary super and difficult to snipe out the air doesnt mean Wesker isnt counter picked by her.

The goal with Trish has never been to kill because she cant kill, but what makes her upper tier and not bottom tier is her ability to be a little mosquito nipping away at your life. The damage she does is like a bonus.

Why counter pick when you could just main Magneto?

In any case, the current, accepted formal definition of scrub is the one that you see in Sirlin’s book. So basically, anyone who handicaps themselves with arbitrary rules. Counterpicking, by definition, isn’t scrubby, not counterpicking on the other hand, depending on the reason, might actually be scrubby.

Cause he is too fair.

Hmm… How I see it is, if you can get counter-picked, then in means there is a flaw in your game that your opponent has realized and is taking advantage of. I aim to just pick a team or play well enough that a person won’t beat me simply by picking a different character.

Still, I care more about how I perform than how other people approach the game.

If you’re avoiding bad matchups outside of tournament play, you’re not learning something you probably should. Maybe not learning over time like that could be considered scrubby if you view the scope of winning as being larger than just the current match. That’s a bit of merit in scythe’s arugment that people tend to miss.

In a “real match,” however, that argument quickly becomes invalid. If counter picking increases your chances of winning, doing it isn’t scrubby because the scope of winning a real match is limited to the scope of the tournament or money match or whatever.