Is Tekken 6 worth getting now?


With Tag 2 not too far away.


That depends. I think you should go ahead and get it if you wish to practice your OTG’s and Bound combos, as well as the additional fundamentals - T6 is a viable fighting game but you could wait… Or participate in TTT2 events if there are some nearby. TTT2 is most likely going to make T6 obsolete. (It definitely will at this rate). TTT2 is certainly another fighting game to look forward to.


Is Tekken 6 currently worth getting?


In all seriousness no. It currently is only worth the training mode if you are looking for a preemptive strike for TTT2. The online elements of Tekken 6 are garbage and the reason why i haven’t been able to get into Tekken lately. I’m just using training mode to work out a gameplan for Asuka :slight_smile:


The first versions of Tag 2 didn’t really feature 1 vs 1/2 vs 1, which is why it was actually a far different game from tekken 6, but when they introduced those modes on tekken tag 2 : unlimited, that only meant that Tag 2 is by far as legit as tekken 6 can be, so go for Tag 2


I say still get both :0


If you have an offline scene/buddies to play with (and if you can get it for cheap) then yes. Otherwise, just wait for Tag 2 U in September.


Pick it up or borrow it from a friend. The preemptive strike is very important because if you really get into Tag 2 without it, you;re gonna be swamped.


I haven’t heard much about a Tekken scene in my area, but I know there is one. Everyone is just into AE 2012 (so am I, I’ve bought almost all the other fighting game but I can’t get drawn into them). I can get T6 for $14.


if its from gamestop, grab it, but if its from Craiglist or something, bargain that down to 8 or 10$


I was thinking of just amazon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bought it, 3-12 working days. Just under $15. I just wanna try something different besides SF, so going back to 3D fighters may be good. I got SCV but I’m not too into it. Same goes for Marvel. I like KOF but the community is tiny. I’m decent at Mortal Kombat, but again, doesn’t really bring me in. I’ll play it casually, not competitively.