" Is That A New SPRITE? " Morrigan Thread

Didn’t see a thread for her yet so I thought I would start one :woot:

Special Moves
Soul Fist - :qcf:+:snka: or :snkb: or :snkc: (Can be performed in air)

Shadow Blade :dp:+ :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc: (Can be performed in air)

Vector Drain - :hcb: + :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc:

Drill Kick- While in the air :qcb:+:snkc:

Hyper Combos

Finishing Shower - :qcf: + :3p:

Valkyrie Turn - :hcb: + :3p:

Darkness Illusion - :bdp: + :3p: (Lvl 3)

Misc. Stuff

*:snkc: can eat through Advanced Guards. If someone is constantly AG’ing I usually repeat until I’m close enough to get them with a vector drain. Very situational but interesting nonetheless.

*Morrigan’s Air dashing makes it really easy to pursue and retreat. I personally like IAD with her :snkc: or trying :IAD: :snkb: (jump cancel) AD :snkc:

*Lvl 3 can be chained with almost all her moves

*Vector Drain Can be comboed into ( can also be Mega Crashed)

*Morrigan Infinite discovered by PacStrife

Feel free to correct anything if something isn’t accurate :wink:

Basic Combos

Here are some Basic Combos for Morrigan

-Dash in :snka:, :snkb:, Vector Drain (VD)

-:snkc:, VD

  • Dash in :snka:, :snkb:, :d::snka:, :d::snkb:, :df::snkc:, SJ, :snka:,:snka:,:snkb:,:snkb:, JC, :snkb::snkb:, Soul Fist (can go into lvl 3 if you want)

For the last combo you can replace “Dash in :snka:, :snkb:” with “Dash in :snkc:”

the sprite is a lie.

Those sound good, I will have to try them.


i cant find any uses for finishing shower and valkyrie turn. they only hit if your opponent does not know what they are doing or if you get stun. any good assist for those stupers?

the missile super is good for duo supers; does a lot of damage, often lets the point character continue the combo

it does a lot of chip too, which is good because morrigan seems to be mostly about keepaway in this game. if the super is blocked, she gets to move way before the missiles stop hitting the opponent. you can even get a safe tag in this way

valkyrie turn… looks pretty bad except maybe off of an odd DHC here or there. there’s a jun/morrigan video floating around showing that. landing the valkyrie turn after the DHC is stupid hard though

I’ll re-post what I found with her so far:
Alright, this is what I found for Morrigan:
Normal Moves:
6B=Spikes come out of her wings, a good push back move to get/gain space. Can be used at the end of a combo.
6C=Horizontal split kick. This can be great to use if you chain with Standing close s.close C (4 hit kick) -> 6C -> QCF(236)+A -> Level 3 Super RDP (421)+AB super. The super counts as the air version.
Special Moves:
QCF (236)+A/B/C (Also can be done in the air): Fire ball. This move in the air can help you float and stall time.
DP(623)+A/B/C (Also can be done in the air): Dragon punch. This move is good to end an air combo. A version is 1 hit, B version is 3 hits, and C version is 5 hits.
(In the air only) QCB(214)+C-Her famous drill hit. Comes out fast; however, unlike CvS2, you can’t really use it for ground dashing pressure. You MIGHT get one hit.
HCB(63214)+A/B/C=Her old school throw. She takes the enemy in the air, and then does a spin slam.
QCF(236)+AB=Her missile projectile. I’m currently working on comboing her super with a Partner Assist. However, the only one that I can somewhat get right now is with Tekkaman. I’m doing her s.close C (4 hit) -> 6C -> QCF(236)+A ~ P -> QF(236)+AB. Spacing is an issue and sometimes you just get 7 hits off of it. But I’ll post if I find anything else.
HCB(63214)+AB, then hit A/B/C=Her super drill. I don’t see much use to this, unless it’s for chip damage or if you get lucking in a match. If you time it right, you can continue to ground chain combo into an air combo.
Level 3 Super: Twin Hitting super RDP(421)+AB (Also can be done in the air)-She gets Lilith out and they start smacking the crap out of your opponent. Ground and air version does 46 hits. This can be used in a combo:
-s.close C (4 hit kick) -> 6C -> QCF(236)+A -> Level 3 Super RDP (421)+AB super. The super counts as the air version.
-s.close A. -> c.A (1 hit) -> s.B ->DF (3)C launcher -> tap up -> j.A ->j.A ->j.B ->j.B-> dj.A -> dj.B -> QCF(236)+A xx -> RDP(421)+AB.

Hahaha, I like the title of this topic.

Is there any use for Valkyrie Turn?

Stop beating me to stuff! :frowning:

The fuck? Look at that easy input for DI. Shit, I’m going to be spamming that move even if it sucks and even though it’s Level 3.

Was the old input really hard? I never had trouble with it.
I noticed from vids that she can have more that one soul fist out at once which could be really nice zoning since they move so slow. Command throw range also looks huge in this game.

Is it just me or is anyone else finding Morrigan’s 3C to be a good anti-IAD rushdown move?

Morrigan’s L1 Hypers are kinda useful for DHC.

Finishing Shower seems like she launches almost all of the missiles in the first few ‘frames’ of animation. QCF+AB - wait a beat - call in a partner with a fast or beam hyper. The missiles will remain and deal their damage once they hit the target. The only real negative is with the long start up on it, you can’t DHC into Finishing Shower without breaking the combo. Practicing I would Finishing Shower, Shinku Hadouken, Valkyrie Turn… but it’s kinda a waste of a bar. VT rarely does anything. You could do Finishing Shower, Shinku Hadouken, Finishing Shower and hope the other player forgets to block… or just don’t bother at all.

Valkyrie Turn I’ve had reasonable success against the computer DHCing into Alex’s Hyper Power Bomb. Once you’ve past the opponent and made the ‘turn’ your partner will come in from the side that the opponent is on (from behind). Pretty much guaranteed.

f,f dash: not good for attacking. horrible actually. even if your opponent is sleeping and is still ducking by the time you can attack, you’ll probably just go right over them

IAD: pretty decent for attacking. it’s about ironman fast, but its still better than what most characters in this game have in terms of IAD offense

IAD B -> double jump right into IAD B B: pretty sneaky

uppercut is not invincible (doesn’t go through projectiles like ryu does), but it still rarely trades with stuff. it does trade now and then, though

awww, her f,f dash suking at offence is sad 2 here maybe it has some unorthodox potential I hope. hey do you from ur experience think that her assist is as useful as Ryu’s assist? seems like it just might be wich is real good imp

morrigan’s assist is slower than ryus to come out, which makes it a lot trickier to use in combos and stuff. the fireball is taller though, so there’s a few extra odd situations you can use it in, like that crazy batsu combo on youtube (which is stupid hard, btw)

also, in other games morrigan’s f,f dash automatically turns her around if she goes over the opponent and does an attack. not in this game

i can sort of see her f,f and b,b dashes being tricky against opponents that use that ground slidey get up thing, if you guess which way they’re gonna go. that was actually a technique morrigan players did in vampire savior (she sucked in that game)

This may or may not be something special to talk about (I don’t see it here…) but it is possible to direct Finishing Shower. Holding up/down directs the missiles in that direction; they still move forward but in a half-parabola, towards the opponent. I haven’t tried messing with other directions, though.

Just to be clear, here’s an example

M ---->


I don’t know if there’s more application to this besides some super zoning but I’ll leave that to the better Morrigan players to work out :slight_smile:

dont know if people have already figured this out but i was playing around with morrigan a bit today and she can actually cancel out of her dashes by pressing up on the joystick/directional pad. It makes for some pretty decent fast over heads, i dont know what kind of relevance it would have combo wise since im still testing but its interesting.

Just thought I’d point out that Morrigan uses a 3D model in this game, not a sprite. As such Capcom has screwed us out of a new Morrigan sprite yet again.