Is the 3DS edition a viable option?


I just want to know if the DS edition of Super Street Fighter 4 is a viable way of getting good at the game. Yes, I know there aren’t many tournaments for it, but I just want to know if I purchase that version, will it have similar physics to the normal editions? Basically, will I be able to practice all of the advanced techniques and matchups, and have the skills transfer over to any console version should I ever decide to go to a tournament (I’ll need to adjust to the controller and differences a little of course, but the skill should be the same skill)

All i have is 3DS right now, which is why I ask.



Play style-wise, its street fighter. for learning the movesets and composition? its good. but it being a viable way of learning SF? Noooooooo buddy. i actually thought it was a smooth paced edition of the game but lo and behold, there are factors like the lag and the controls of the game which hinder you from emulating your skills from handheld to console/arcade


The controls are the main drawback. Combo imput can be pretty tough with just a thumb to control your character’s movement, and the 3DS only has four buttons + the L and R buttons in their respective corners. With two buttons in such awkward positions, some easy-to-do combos become a nightmare.


For fundamentals, yes. Many players play on pad. You will hit a ceiling, but still much higher than you are now.


WolfKrone would disagree.


I do too, to an extent. I use pad myself, but that seems to be what most think anyway.


Actually wolfkrone says stick is better overall and plans to switch to a stick. but some of the inputs are eaiser on a pad. which i would agree