Is the 6 unlockable being release through out till the end of 2016?

Does that mean we have to wait till Alex till next December!??!
This is just disheartening…

I was hoping Alex and Urien = day 1 unlockables.

Yep, expect Characters every 2 months after the release.

The Characters orders aren’t determined yet so Alex could be here in April, December or in between those months

Knowing capcom…they will finish SF2 characters first…then female characters…So Alex being last feels like a real possibility…6 characters for an entire year is just a really long time…which is worse for season 2 batch…assuming there’s a season 2.

and i really doubt some characters wont be ready before December… they are trying to sustain this game longevity through piecemeal content. Which is a lame idea… same company that had on disk dlc of 12 character for SFxT