Is the Arcade fightstick pro mad catz good?

I don’t know which arcade stick i should buy between the Arcade fightstick Pro Mad Catz Xbox360 (100€) and the Qanba Q4Raf (150€).
Which one is better? I heard that Qanba had bad PCB. Those two are the only ones i can currently buy in my region (France).
I play on steam.

Yes the Fightstick Pro is good. I personally don’t like Qanbas since 2 of them died on me but my friend’s Q4 has been around for years so it’s up to you on taking that chance.

also here:

They are advertising the fighstick pro on the CEO stream for $80, but when you go to the madcatz store, they are all sold out. It sucks because I was gonna buy one.

MadCatz Pro’s are very good and quite sturdy (I can vouch for it as I owned two and worked with a couple in terms of dual mod, and artworks)

Not to mention they do use Sanwa parts (Buttons and Joystick) so you are bound to get good stuff from it.

Highly recommend it for the price.

I don’t understand why the Q4Raf is so much more expensive than the MadCatz Pro. Is it because component are of better quality?

It’s a Dual Modded Stick. It works for Xbox360 and PS3. That’s why.

It isn’t any better.

Like what Aneurysm317 said the Qanba Q4 supports PS3 and XBox 360.

Furthermore they’re normally pretty close price-wise but due to the clustering of major tournaments the Madcatz Pro has been on sale for most of the last 1.5 months.

definitely the Qanba Q4RAF. It is heavier and dual modded.

technically, it isn’t modded, just part of the feature.

And has had a lot of problems.

yep. you can’t go wrong with any sanwa-equipped stick

A lot of people seem to not like the Qanba stick on here.
I had the Q4RAF and loved it.
I have no complaints about the Madcatz either though.

Thank you guys for your help, i finally bought a Pro Mad Catz. Combos will be easier now.