Is the ATI Radeon 4350 HD good enough for SF4 for PC? Mine is performing poorly

I have a Core 2 Duo 3ghz PC, 4 gigs ram and the ATI Radeon 4350 HD. I thought this setup would be fine for running Street Fighter 4 on PC, but I get really poor performance even on 720p. It appears in order to play properly I need to get 60fps in the benchmark tool. However I need to use like 800x600 and low quality settings to get close to that. I’m assuming something is wrong with my PC but I can’t figure out what the problem is.

-I have frame rate set to fixed
-I get a few extra frames when VSync is off
-I will not play the game if the background or character quality is set to low, its terrible to look at

wow a 4350 is like the bottom of the barrel, The rest of the rig is fine but that card is pretty abysmal. You’ll be needing a gf 8800 or 3800 hd minimum

Yeah Typically the first two numbers in a Radeon are the most important. The first digit, “4” tells you the generation or series of cards that use a certain technology architecture. The 4000 series was released in the past year or two so it is pretty current. The second digit in your case the “3” Tells you the level of performance for that series. Typically and 4300 is a budget card, a 4500 or 4600 are midrange, and 4800 are higher end. The last two digits usually are to denote little tweaks or that make it a little better for that chip.

So a ATI 3870 is better performance wise than a 4350.

Is the Nvidia GTX 260 (superclocked or something like that) good enough to run SF4 with good graphics and framerate? It may sound like a silly question but I know shit about PC gaming! I found a good deal for a 260.

GTX 260 should be plenty of power for SF4.

Good to know, thanks for the response.