Is the balance patch coming in 2012?

That’s a long long 4 months, for a few changes they should of already realised in AE testing…

asuming there are no new characters, and its just balancing, i dont see why it wouldnt come out in 2011

Who is left to add in. Who does the game need? Alex + Sean?

UM they are not going to be giving us new characters for free… they charge an arm and a leg for costumes so uh whats the hold up. They want us to refer to it as balance patch 2012 which you would think would indicate it’s likely release date.

Capcom has stated that the patch will be before the end of the year, and be free. They are shooting for a fall/winter release schedule (So probably around Late October / Mid november would be my best guess)

If the patch is going to be free across all platforms (PS3/Xbox360/PC) it will most likely not include any characters. Microsoft is known to require that updates over a certain file size be considered “DLC” and their DLC rules require charging for content (there have been exceptions to this rule but they are not the norm). Changing frame data, hitboxes, fixing bugs, changing damages, ect these are all things that will not require a large patch. However adding new models, and new sound files, as well as move data would be a lot larger. Not only that but adding new characters would further make rebalancing the game more difficult.

While I’d love to see Rolento or Kairen or Alex or many other characters be put into SF4 it is simply extremely unlikely.

NBA2K12 comes out in October.

This is what the the title select screen will look like in v2012 to balance it out :wink:

Just those that are not 100% sure, I just made that up really quickly in paint :wink:

No new characters, just a neater looking select screen!

The official name of this update is SSF4 AE Upper’s_eye_shin-sapporo

There’s a loketest next weekend in Osaka. I will try and drop by but I can’t make any promises about that.

yeah, though ill go to the 2nd one in Tokyo, on the 28th at takadanobaba BIGBOX

I would imagine at the latest, consoles will get the update in January 2012. But most likely November 2011.