Is The Blazblue Continuum Shift Stick Sanwa?

same price as the TE stick

Too expensive IMO but Taokaka players don’t have much of a choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be posted in Tech Talk. But yes, it’s all Sanwa parts.

God I fucking hate BlazBlue. I don’t think rebel means what they think it means.

considering the majority of the characters have their own political view and are all in their own political situation, and not only story wise but game mechanic wise…

I always assumed that “rebel” was Engrish for “level”, plus a pun on the whole political stuff in the story.

I don’t give a shit. Just call it fucking round 1. Stop trying to be inventive or edgy JUST CALL IT ROUND 1. IT’S NOT A REBEL. IT’S NOT A REBEL.

Dude, chill. This thread wasn’t created for hating on one word.

You know what I love about Blazblue?

How it says “Rebel 1” instead of “Round 1.” We’ve been hearing “Round 1” in every game for almost two decades now and I’m bored of it. Kudos to Arc System Works for bringing some much-needed innovation to the genre.

lol raging

Why someone would buy that abomination when there much better factory made and custom made sticks out there for the same price I don know.

Level 1

Because maybe some people actually like the V3/VX form factor.