Is the CE worth it?

It comes with a comic and a cool bank thingy but will the gems be paid DLC later? Will I need them to compete? I’m so confused about which version to get because the CE might save me money in the long run if I need to buy gems later.

Don’t buy this game.

Assuming that I’m buying the game. What’s the lesser of 2 evils?

Well if you are wasting your money picking this game up, then waste more money on CE.

CE, probably. I don’t see why Capcom would pass up an opportunity to make more money with minimal effort by offering the pre-order exclusive gems as DLC later down the line.

They did that with Marvel costumes

Why are you hating on this game? I’m getting it. And Newegg has 25% off on the regular edition if you order today or tomorrow with free shipping. I’m not to worried about the comic book nor the gems. Supposedly everything is already included in the game. We’ll see though.

normal version, the bank is stupid.

Thread over.

This noob.

So the gems you get you’re just getting earlier? C’mon! I wanna know if I should jump on the deal or not.

The way I see it: if every gem pack is 3 dollars there’s 6? Right that’s 18$. Making the CE very much worth it. The other stuff is also kinda nice.

Don’t the gem packs come with just the preorder? You can preorder the regular and get the gem packs, correct?

U only get one gem pack if you pre-order the regular edition. the CE comes with 5 packs. Get the CE. You get 5 packs. 9 gems in each pack. The only way your wasting money is if each pack is less than 2 dollars in the future, which i doubt .Reg is 60 and CE is 70.

I’m buying the SE to guarantee I get some of those gems. That’s the only reason to do it, really, unless you want all of the packs and think SE will be cheaper in the long run.

I believe so; I think those are the gems that differ depending on what store you are pre-ordering from. If you are pre-ordering the CE, you would get the store exclusive gems, then you would get the CE exclusive gems as well. That is just how I understand it, I could be wrong; this game is such a clusterfuck at this point, they could hand me a bobble head and commerative dog whistle, and I wouldn’t bat a glassy eye.

SE has the four normal Pre-Order gem packs in it. By pre-ordering the SE you get a 5th gem pack.

I just ordered the standard for 45 bucks at newegg because I couldn’t really care about the gems at all.

Wow. This is massively confusing. I don’t know what to get!

I thought the CE had 2 extra packs, one for pre-ordering it and one special in the pack

Yep, King of the Iron Fist is CE only, while Cross Art Pack is CE preorder only