Is the Dual Shock 4 good for Ultra Street Fighter IV


I am a complete noob. I have played the game a bit on 360 and I found the 360 d-pad quite reasonable for doing moves like Hadouken and Shoryuken. I just however purchased the PS4 version and I’m struggling to even do Shoryuken’s on this d-pad. Does anyone have some tips. It’s frustrating and it also physically hurts my hands.


I’m just the opposite. I find the 360 pad to be painful to use for more than maybe 10 minutes playing USFIV. But then I’m used to the PS controllers. I don’t know about the PS4 controller, but the earlier PS all had very responsive d-pads. Keep working with it, you’ll get used to it. You might try taking a pain reliever like ibueproefen if your hands are hurting.


If you don’t want to have to adjust to new pads for every different console you play on, just buy a stick.


I’d say no. If MKX players are constantly complaining about the DualShock 4, it should even be worse for a game with more complex inputs like USF4. I hated using it for GG Xrd, the Fighting Commander 4 is a much better option or have someone like Gummo build you a converter to use the controller of your choice.


I’d say the PS4 pad is better than 360 or XB1, but stick is better than all


360 pad and ps4 pad are similar types of sticks in terms of layout, one has the analogue at the top but they control exactly the same way like al controllers with a dpad/analogue stick. But I’d say get a stick if you already know you gonna like it better or plan on using it for everything like metal slug/pacman/sf2/the new stuff.


stick > fight pad > XB1 > DS3 > DS4 > Wii remote > 360


I’d say Stick > Fight Pad > DS3 > DS4 > GCC (If that really counts?) > XB1 > 360