Is the effort of playing Phoenix Wright REALLLY worth it?



Originally, Phoenix was one of my most anticipated characters. After playing about 50 matches or so with him, getting to Turnabout successfully in maybe 1/3 of them, I was asking myself why was I going to such trouble. Bad evidence, rushdown, MORE bad evidence, meter management issues (Phoenix on point doesn’t build much meter), even MORE bad evidence with a side of raunchy meat to choke down, the fact that Turnabout runs out quickly…UGH! And I don’t see it getting much better at higher levels of play.

The benefits speak for themselves: Invincible assist, incredible Level 3, X-Factor Level 2/3 chip and the hype of playing such a neat character. The matches where it came out were generally in my favor (Bionic Arm to Level 3 makes it impossible for the opponent to even move!). But is all that really worth playing Phoenix Wright over a character that can carry a whole squad from the get-go (or at least one that can better defend against a one-touch death character like Dante/Magneto)?


Yay, hes worth just because, he is Phoenix Wright, ace attorney. The invincible assist is enough to play him. Keep in mind TC thats it only day 2 after launch so having a topic like this is sort of dumb. All we can do is let his technology develop and mature and then determine if hes worth playing.


Basically this, it’s too early to tell if it’s worth the effort or not.


In high level play? Eh. From what I’ve been reading Wright has some really serious issues - but on the flipside his Turnabout mode is also starting to generate some fear. There have been several posts on this very site that mention killing Wright off before Turnabout is an utmost priority since the assist is such a big deal. Either way, I do agree with the above posters that it’s still way too early to start calling anything now.

As for myself I’ve noticed that I generally don’t care about putting work into characters. I didn’t give a shit about putting effort in Hsien-Ko, I didn’t give a shit about putting effort in Skrull and I certainly won’t give a shit about putting extra effort in the one character I’ve been advocating for UMVC3. For some people it’s less about the tools and more about the character; in the case of Wright, I happen to be one of those people.

I also don’t play in tournaments. Just play for kicks and fun. U:


If you really like playing the character then do your best to make him work, regardless of the difficulty.


I don’t have the game yet but I’m expecting him to be a point character that needs a great cover assist. Use him to get evidence as fast as possible in the beginning of the match, then use him for his assists while you play your “regular” characters. Bring him out near the end of the match where he hopefully has plenty of meter and can wipe out one character or one and a half quickly.

I don’t see using him all the time or on point with support assists if you already have evidence.


For the people that are calling this thread dumb, I personally don’t see how gauging risk vs reward early on is a bad thing. Obviously, I’m leaning towards nay, but I would LOVE to see Phoenix Wright dominate this game.

Compare Phoenix vs Phoenix. For Phoenix Wright, you jump through hoops to gain a strategic advantage with your other point characters and probably tools to kill off a character before going back to boring old non-Turnabout mode. For Phoenix (Jean), you jump through even fewer hoops to give yourself probably a 70-80 percent chance to WIN THE GAME, no ifs, ands or buts.

So even when we inevitably develop the technology to get Turnabout mode at a 90%+ clip (I’m betting on Doom Missles, personally), is it worth the trouble?

If people start snapping him in to kill him off before he goes to Turnabout or even if he is in Turnabout, he can’t exactly airdash away and throw homing fireballs.


Well the Wright has to go through hoops to get the evidence, stance change, and hit the objection. The thing is that he has the ability to use meter as he has average HP.
Phoenix on the other hand has less HP then before, meter is harder to build now, can’t use meter, deal with TAC that steals meter and has only one air option before coming to the ground and can’t chip people due to air X-factor.
Both characters take time and effort to be played effectively. This isn’t vanilla UMvC3 where meter was easy to build and Dark Phoenix ruled the land.
Also I said this thread was sort of dumb, sort of.


Actually I get to turnabout mode in nearly every game I play. Here’s what I do.

Call Maya and an assist, press for each evidence before they leave. If I have bad evidence, push block or avoid the opponent until Maya leaves, since then she can be called again. Call Maya and assist, tap the failed evidence until you get a good one. Then run away some more lol

Then call Maya/assist once more, go into Trial mode. SWITCH OUT. Done. Raw tag or DHC if needed.

Switch to someone who is more aggressive and start a combo. TAC in the air into Phoenix, but ONLY HIT d+H as soon as you come in for the Objection hit. Then, immediately after the Objection hits and you go into Turnabout mode, TAC again. You now have Phoenix Right in Turnabout mode in the sidelines. Which, although it’s sad as crap, you can DHC into. You can also TAC PW in, end the air combo with S, land, Ace Attorney, grab two evidence pieces, call Maya & assist to get the rest, go into Trial mode, switch out lol


I wish it was that easy guitalex…

It’s too early to decide his true fate. There’s plenty of ideas and tech, we have to see if they work out…


I figure the technology will revolve around TAC and/or DHC (Maya holding them in place after a landed super) to land the Objection. In all honesty, if you’re racking up combo hits, risking a TAC at the end might be worth the effort. It seems the smoothest (but definitely the scrubbiest ;)) way to get the job done.


Two answers. In the short term, yes it’s worth it. I’ve been getting a lot of free wins because the game is new, and while it’s hard to block and deal with rushdown in extreme situations, most people simply can’t finish their combos. So in a game where I should die in 1 or 2 wrong blocks, I instead get 4 or 5 chance to grab evidence and tag out. That’s not too bad.

In the long run, it’s way up in the air. As this game progresses, our opponents are going to have their combos optimized and possibly be ToD combos, and so it’s up to the PW players to innovate our escape options to match that.


If you’re playing competitively, no, probably not.

He is horribly lacking in almost every department that makes characters ‘normal’ in this game.

PW is a giant gimmick, the biggest one in this game. He is more or less fodder until he gets that gimmick going.

You will get rushed down, you will get mixed up, you will do combos with no oki to them, you will barely do any damage before hitting that gimmick, but god damn it if you love Phoenix Wright as much as I do you just don’t care.

If you are dead set on playing competitively form a team around him, pick a good ‘get off me assist’ and a good ‘lock down’ assist.

Otherwise good luck, and have fun!


I don’t think he is. I’m ass at every game I touch, but damn if Wright doesn’t make me cringe. Yes, he does good damage when you get powered up, but there’s a multitude of other characters that can do pretty much equal damage (or close to it) that don’t rely on gimmicks and sillyness.

TLDR; I don’t think he’s worth it, but then, who the fuck am I to say? Play who you like.


If you can dominate with him yes.
If not than no.


I think he’s going to be worth it, and honestly as the game evolves, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he turned out to be the best character in the game. Like… his assist is twice as good as vanilla Haggar ever was, and that’s probably an understatement. If you get that assist in play with a good character on point, you’ve won. The game is just over; your opponent has no real chance. Like honestly, the only character I can see seriously getting in on say Doom with Break the Witness assist is maybe Dark Phoenix, and even her I imagine having a disadvantage because it’s just that good (it basically hard counters “attacking” with absolutely zero risk). I also feel that right after achieving Turnabout it will usually be possible to combo into character kill and then hard tag out for that assist so you’ll have the most broken assist ever against a team of 2 characters, and even if your opponent manages to kill off your Wright backed characters somehow, you’ll have turnabout Wright coming right back in as an anchor which is certainly a good shot at a comeback. Likewise, that’s your insurance against snaps. In MvC3, a big strategy for characters in the wings being problems (like Phoenix and Haggar) was to snap them in, but if you snap in turnabout Wright, what have you just done to yourself? That just puts the snapper in a tough spot for a while, possibly being killed by Wright possibly just eating a bunch of chip, and then Wright can tag out again. If they do it a few times they can run out Turnabout, but the fact that it’s more or less assured to take several snaps to take out Wright once he achieves turnabout is pretty amazing.

Wright’s combo damage output is also honestly not that bad for the type of character he is even outside of Turnabout. He’s no Spencer, but it’s not like he’s vanilla Shuma either. When you remember that if they just leave you alone and try to avoid getting hit by you that they’re playing right into your game as Wright, that’s pretty nice. His basic projectiles are quite playable too though it seems to really depend on luck (if you get the daggar plus the photo, you’re a much better zoning character). It is true that it’s possible to really get screwed by constant bad evidence pulls, but the odds are so far in Wright’s favor and he has enough shenanigans to deal with it that I don’t imagine it’s a huge problem.


NOPE. not if you actually like playing the character
If you had no problem spamming tronne / haggar in Vanilla
then yup he’s damn worth it.


Press The Witness turns into Press The Win Button in Turn-a-bout mode. You dont even need to “kill” with Phoenix Wright, just try your best to get that objection (which is the hardest part for me) and you will have an auto win button.

He also have some swag like jump loops, and I love dem jump loops [Swag-ncer, Dr.Swager, Swagneto] (although he repeats twice only, it is still swag-like), so if he manages to hit something on the way in trial mode, he atleast can generate meter better than some characters, and gets 2 free evidence :D.


Who knows. Maybe PW players will have to develop teams that will let them get to Turnabout Mode off of any random grounded hit like with the PW combo in the Desk video. Barring getting bad evidence of course, which apparently is the problem.


Phoenix Wright is definitely going to require a decent amount of knowledge about other characters. Not that this isn’t important for every character but you’ll have to know how the other guy is going to try and open you up.
If you’re building a team around him and plan on using THC or Aerial Exchanges to get to turnabout, you’re banking on a lot of pieces falling together that are out of your control outside of evidence collection.
There’s a good chance you’ll find yourself being snapped out before you find any evidence if you’re trying to be trixy, then what? DHC him back in with two or more precious meters or risk a raw tag… Aerial exchange? Could your other characters better use those meters for damage or defensive purposes? Will wright be useless to you if he’s the last man standing on your team with no evidence, a few meters and no assists?

As time goes on we’ll know the match ups better. You have to ask yourself certain questions going into the match. Maybe you’ll want Wright on point, maybe you see he has Wesker and you’ll want to start with someone else on point to eliminate that obstacle. Maybe they have phoenix on anchor… do you want to start with Wright and allow the other person to build some meter while you collect evidence? Do you have anyone on your team that you’re comfortable with to pick up the slack if your game plan falls apart?

If you’re playing Wright for a good assist, you can find one elsewhere with Tron or Haggar even if they aren’t as good as Turnabout Wright’s Break the Witness or even their former selves. It’s the consistency and dependability from the start of the match that make them the better choice in this department.

If you’re playing Wright for his hypers, there are plenty of other very good choices out there. The possibilities are endless with characters that can stand on their own much easier.

But if you’re legitimately interested in adding Wright to your team, be prepared for a lot of trial (rimshot) and error while you bone up on his options as the game evolves.