Is the entire court system corrupt to get money for the town? & cat dies bc ofObamaca

2 months ago I got a ticket for “abandonment of vehicle” abandoning a vehicle in front of my house. The ticket was written Sunday at 11:45am but I had ezPass receipts, parking receipts, and tickets from bets I place on Saturday and Friday proving (or so I thought) that I indeed moved my car.

Go to court in February, wait 4 hours, plead not guilty and I’m told to come back to talk to the prosecutor which was today. When I talk to the prosecutor at first he doesn’t believe me so he calls in the cop who wrote the ticket. Then they both gang up on me telling me if I don’t accept this lesser ticket (a parking ticket, $37 + $15 court fees) I would have to go to trial and I would lose since it was the cops word against mine. So I say let’s do it then, I can’t admit guilt to a crime I did not commit.

Long story short the judge throws out all my evidence since even though my ezPass went through a toll on those days they can’t confirm it’s my car (even though I made a written request to ezPass for a picture of my car going through which they denied) and all the receipts, bet tickets, and parking receipts aren’t proof since I could of used any car to get there. $500 (which is the max) fine + $250 trial surcharge + $33 court fees.

Then the judge asks me if I want a payment plan and it set me off. I told him that I could make it rain in here for days with all the money I got. Then he asked me the same question and I said no and I had to pay the fine and leave.

But I guess the point is, is the court system corrupt? I thought the burden of proof was on them and not me. Yet the only proof they had was the cops word and I had tons of things which would should of set me free. And the kicker is I’m not even black, I’m white.

Why is the court system such a scam?

Also I came home and immediately put in every Rage Against the Machine CD and set them on loop and they make some really good points about the government.

Oh and my cat is dying like I picked him up and he’s completely limp and smells like death so I called the animal hospital and was like I think my cat is dead can I bring him in and they said not until 4pm but it’s only 10:30am. Every animal hospital I called is the same story. And of course there’sno animal care reform in Obamacare and now my cat will probably die and there’s nothing I can do. He even has insurance.



Of course it’s a scam. The government uses these pathetic excuses for “traffic violations” that hurt nobody solely to generate money and secure their own jobs. Rather than doing more active or riskier work like patrolling the streets keeping a watchful eye on real crimes, they try to make it sound like they’re protecting our safety by putting so much focus on traffic-related incidents like speed limits (that even they don’t consider real crimes and don’t go on your criminal record).

How does enforcing seatbelts, for instance, stay true to American freedom? It’s all a way to steal our cash under the false pretense of caring about us. What’s real sad is that many republican states punish all crimes, including traffic-related, harsher to make up for lacking tax funds rather than hold true to the ideal of small government. We’re basically paying out of our hard-earned money the right for government to have more power and to fine us. If they really need money, they ought to ramp up the fines several-fold for actual incidents and leave petty speed limits and silly cases like your situation out of it.

And for that much money, I’d personally appeal the decision. You could get a traffic lawyer over here for less than half that. It also sounds like you also ended up with a bad judge who just didn’t care about real justice and would rather help the system. But now you know to be very wary of the corrupt system we live in. Take care of yourself, because the government is very fickle depending on if you get a real public servant or a public fraud.

Sadly it is.

I have got tickets in the past for speeding in what not. Those were entirely my fault. One time I got a ticket for speeding which was straight bullshit. I told him to show me on the radar gun, he said legally he didn’t have to and he said he didn’t lock it in anyway. I went to court over it gave my side, cop gave his side and I lost quickly. Wasted my whole morning and made me pissed for the rest of the day.

Courts & other bureaucracy is a way for them to get revenue. Red light cameras, all that shit.

I don’t need a tan for obvious reasons, but I think it is bullshit for New Jersey to pass a tax on people using tanning salons.
It doesn’t effect me one bit, but I see right through it.

If they don’t have enough money to keep them employed, get rid of them, don’t tax people to pay salaries.

all legal systems are fucking jokes

i lived in a house at one point in time, and before we all moved out, it was just me and one other guy left

I come home, and all the doors are locked, and EVERYTHING has been taken. The other guy moved out while I was at work, and took all my shit. I call the cops, and point out the obvious:

all doors locked + all my stuff missing + ONLY ONE OTHER GUY THERE = gee I wonder who stole my shit

cops go to his new place, ask him if he took my stuff, he says no, case closed

I told the police I would deal with it myself, and they informed me I shouldn’t. I then went on a 20 minute anger/obscenity filled tirade about how pathetically useless the cops were, and how they only inforced traffic laws and dealt with MAJOR crimes. Simple shit they couldn’t fuck up, but still managed to.

Long story short, I got my shit back by pretty much beating the shit out of the dude with every object I could find at his work (fast food restaurant…u ever see Super Troopers where Farva leaps across the counter to fuck that cashier’s world up??? that was me), and informing him I was going to chop off a finger and throw it in the deep fryer for every time I heard the answer “I don’t know” when I asked where my stuff was. He kept on denying everything until I dragged his ass to the deep fryer and got the knife ready. Clearly stated “either I get my stuff back, or I take pieces of you”. Got my stuff back within 15 minutes after some hectic phone calls.

And yes, I would have seriously chopped his fingers off one at a time and tossed them in that fryer with no regrets. Pretty sure I would have gotten away with temporary insanity.

Taxing people extra for using tanning salons? Thats like raising the taxes on cigarettes, ingenious, yet hilarious.

There should be MORE taxes on frivolous shit that people pay for/buy if you ask me, since they will pay anyways.

Would have giving new meaning to finger food

I think you’re being too accepting of speed limits. I can understand the risks of someone going 20+ mph near a school at 3pm on a school day. But how does driving 30+ on a sparsely driven highly-visible highway on a nice day cause anyone problems (not that I’ve ever done that but I’ve heard friends getting caught on our local highways doing for doing so)?

There’s no reason to fine drivers with strong, constant vision of the road and fast reaction times the same as those who are busy talking on their cellphones while eating and then getting into an accident. Those folks are the ones that ought to be paying, if the government really wants to enforce safe driving and promote fair standards. But then, because there aren’t that many accidents, of course the government can’t make money that way. So yeah, it sucks to be an efficient driver.

I’m glad it all worked out well for you. I’m all for vigilante justice when “legitimate” law enforcement doesn’t want to bother putting in work for you like they’re supposed to. I feel bad for cops who care, but really, I’ve heard too many firsthand accounts of dirty pigs to respect the profession.

If you shook get a dog if you gully get a gun

Sadly, you are the victim of a cop wanting to up his track record and the government wanting some more of your money. Personally, I’m shocked that ezPass did not aid you in this endeavor. Fact of the matter is that, before even considering your evidence, the court completely failed to provide any proof other than the word of a police officer.

Right there, you should have SCREAMED mistrial at the top of your lungs. I’ll give you the reasons why:

A) A police officer works for the law, and not above it. For all the court knows, the officer could have been passing through after coming home from getting donuts (yep, totally said that. not a typo) and decided to abuse his power (thus, breaking the law) and cite you for abandonment of vehicle. If you wish to pursue a mistrial claim, please keep this part in line. Do not let them try to use any form of argument that center’s around the word of a fallible human being. Part B will make this a bit more clear.

B)They MUST provide hard evidence that you left your vehicle there for a long time. Unless that cop was stalking you for 3 days, or a camera is in the general area, they cannot do that. Because the only other indicator that comes to my mind is weather, and unless it snows in Las Vegas now, or rain evaporates completely off a car in less than a day, it’s a bit hard to use weather in this case.

I’m not sure what the time limit is out in Vegas for how long you can leave a car parked in a certain area, but it shouldn’t matter. They did not actually prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt here. A cop tried to pull this shit on my brother, but failed to realize that we have a cousin who’s one hell of a lawyer. He sued the cop for abuse of power, lying to the court, harassment, and so many other things. Combined with the fact that we had people we didn’t even know living on our block saying that his car wasn’t even around for a week, yeah, my brother hasn’t really been too worried about being unemployed for the past few months. Point being-he, too, only had his word of mouth to go with. I think that cop is working at the local McDonalds now or something. =).

yeah that’s some ol bullshiz. my dad and some neighbors gotten a warning for the same thing and both my dad and the neighbosr parked right in front of their house. I think it’s this old couple that lives next door to me. old bitter ass couple.

I was told by my friend that if you decide to take a traffic violation to court, you should set the date, and then cancel last minute. Something like, “oh my mom is in the hospital, so I can’t make it today.” Do it like three or four times and the accusing officer will not end up coming to court after the third time. Then after a few cancellations, show up to court, which, hopefully, the accusing officer gave up on you, and then you dont have his word against yours and bam, Scot Free.

I don’t know if this works or not, but my friend told me he does it all the time and gets away. Shrug.

I partly agree, my point is if I knowingly break the traffic laws that is one thing, meaning I could have avoided it al together. Getting a ticket for speeding when you were not speeding is a whole other thing. I have went 150mph on motorcyles and cars and didn’t get a ticket, but if I did I would not be mad at the law. I have got tickets that pissed me off even though I was in the wrong 77 in a 55.

Your friend is pulling your leg.

This is how the traffic system works where I live, in Mayberry it might be different.

You get a ticket
You get a date to pay the ticket, or you go that date to dispute it.
They give you a new date for your hearing, that you do not pick.
The pig goes to court on that day and handles all his tickets, they don’t go on their lunch break.

I heard all that stuff before about fighting it and the cop might not show up.

They sit there all day and have there tickets taken care of.

The “man” is organized and has the ticket racket down.

To those listening. Fairness is a human construct, it doesn’t really exist. Sometimes in life in order to obtain fairness and “what we deserve” we lose time, energy and peace of mind.

I’m not saying to not stand for yourself, or to be a mat for people to walk on. I’m saying that sometimes it’s good to take the time to think if obtaining fairness is going to be worth the suffering.

After getting a ticket months ago here in Florida, the cop told me they don’t give warnings anymore. Any reason to stop you is an automatic ticket. Probably lying his ass off and wanted to make his quota.

he probably actually isn’t lying. budgets are getting slashed all over and ticket rates have skyrocketed.

In this thread.

You are going in front of magistrates in a justice of the peace court who just care about efficiency and aren’t about to allow people to do their Law and Order impressions in front of them. Just pay the fine and get out. Sheesh.


fuck speeding/traffic violation/etc tickets

bullshit piece of shit scam

i went down a hill (no houses or human beings on either side, its in the middle of the fucking woods) going 50 when the speed limit was 40 BAM hit with 200 dollar fine. so gay and retarded

i’m a man and will admit to my crimes but i’m not going to admit to a crime i didn’t commit

this must be your first ticket. I gave up fighting tickets. I still go to court and plead “guilty” but tell the judge I am a student, I pay loans, I work (all good boy stuff) and ask to reduce the fine or do community service and its always one of them.

Then enjoy your >$800 ticket instead of a $50 one.