Is the game really Ragna or nothing?


I was watching a crowd play BlazBlue the other day and it seemed like just about everyone was using Ragna, and the people who didn’t use Ragna didn’t have a chance against Ragnas. I really want to get into CS and I hope that this game one day expands with a larger audience, but if you really don’t have much of a chance at being good at the game without using Ragna that throws me off a bit. What do you guys think? is it really Ragna or nothing?


Basically every other character is complete and utter shi-. Ragna has very long combos.

But those who have little patience for turtles may use a different character. Bang is pretty good but lacks anti air and limited projectiles with short range. Overall wise I suppose Lamba may also be good. Go with Tagor if your a lazy jack off who likes moving the other person around. Makoto sort of plays like Ryu I guess but wouldn’t recommend buying but if you do you might as well use the character.


Dont listen to people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Ragna is solid, but not really the best as there are a lot of characters who are even with him and a couple who are far better. He’s just straight forward so people can pick him up easily.


This. The most recent JP tier list is

S: Litchi Bang
A+: Hakumen Hazama
A: Arakune Carl Ragna Taokaka
B: Jin Lambda
C: Noel Tager Tsubaki Rachel

Ragna is high-mid. He does lots of damage if he hits you, but his mixup is easy to block (pushing him away) and he can’t do anything from range.


^That’s about the same place as CT.
He has a pretty intuitive playing style, that’s probably why a lot (of noobs) pick him first.
Shortly thereafter they learn that flowchart Jin can get you a long way (in CT at least) too.
Or they stuck with Noel cause they could make combos for the first time in their live (again…CT).


Ragna is decent. There’s better characters. Just Ragna is really easy and really safe. Literally near everything he does is safe.


Ragna is the Ryu of this game essentially.

  • Main Character
  • Great Dragon Punch
  • Effective in all areas of the game and excels in some others.
  • Easy for beginners, but has complexity for advanced players.

You’ll see a lot of Ragnas just like you’ll see a lot of Ryus in SSF4.


From my experiences I’ve found a lot of people tend to choose Jin online, and they all generally spam his ice glide attack.


If he was the Ryu of the series he’d have a projectile. He is a solid, easy to pick up, good character though.


Ragna is like low top tier or high mid tier, there’s definitely better characters.

Ignore anything Bitter posts, he’s a blatant troll or mentally handicapped, either way he speaks nonsense.


But, projectiles are fundamentally different in SF; a Hadouken would be laughably ineffective at keeping people out in BB thanks to mechanics like airblock and dash, plus the low emphasis on truly defensive playstyles overall. The few projectiles that are at all similar (travel straight from where the character is until disappearing off the screen or at a given distance from the origin) are all clearly designed to close distance, not make it: Spark Bolt is fairly limited-use and bounces the enemy right back to Tager on hit, level 3 Break Shot also bounces enemies or eats primers when blocked, forcing an advance one way or another, and the ice swords are either really, really slow, or again, limited-use. The actual zoning characters use different mechanics entirely, so I really just don’t feel that it’s a basic tool in this game the same way it is in SF.

Alternatively, Lambda is obviously the Cammy of BB because she has an attack that rams into people, a long braid, and a sexy leotard.


Where’ d you get that list from? I like it. It seems really accurate and it fits a lot of what I’ve been seeing out of Japanese players recently.


BB:CS Match-Up Chart

The source for the list probably isn’t the best, as there were only 6 people involved, and person #4 had some outlandish rankings (Taokaka being a 5 and Arakune being a 3 mostly), but I like it for the most part as well. My only real gripe is that Lambda is ranked lower than Jin.


I just picked up this game (CS), played some Ragna… But then I moved on and dabbled Tsubaki and got attached to her :). Ragna just felt way too generic to be any fun really…


Ragna or nothing? Odd, I went to a convention (AFO) recently and pretty much every single match involved Tager, Hazama, or Taokaka for some reason. I felt so out of place picking Hakumen, who is actually sort of common online.

Ragna is pretty strong though, I have a harder time with him as Haku than I do with most other fighters except Tao and of course Lambda (even with Hakumen’s buffs and Lambda’s nerfs, fighting Lambda with a slow melee character can be painful…)


You went to a convention and people were playing Hazama or Taokaka? Why would the two most popular cosplay characters even be played?

Oh and Tager is probably played cause he’s a 0 maintenance main.


Don’t forget that his Drive attack can take a little bit if you block or don’t. I stuck with Noel because I like how fast she is, though in CS alot of her pokes don’t have priority anymore.


Sounds about right.


To answer the OP: Nope.


Alright thanks guys, I needed some sort of hope that this game was more than just one charecter. Imma close this now. Thanks :slight_smile: