Is the game running too fast? Two questions

After I was playing around with the Custom Mod Manager by Leogansky yesterday it sometimes felt like the game was speeding up, running faster than it should! I was just playing around with costumes, that shouldn’t affect anything else in the game?

Now Im uncertain if it runs at normal speed or too fast… is there a way to check this?

My refresh rate is 100, and have always been, and frame rate is set to Fixed… resolution 800x600 on a CRT monitor.

It says 60FPS always, on the FPS display in the game.

My second question is, are there any guides on how to use the Custom Mod Manager to replace the original costumes with the alternate without the DLC pack? I managed to switch costume on Ken yesterday, but only one color worked, the rest of the colors went crazy, the textures had a brownish color, looked like graphic errors… I watched his guide on youtube but its not very good…

Any help is greatly appreciated…

Jesus fucking christ, do you have to make a new thread every time you have a bowel movement?

As of this moment you have 4 (5 if you include one that’s been moved from here) threads currently on page 1 of this forum. Here’s a tip, delete all your threads and make 1 with all your questions in them, or try and actually find the answers yourself with the search function or, god forbid, that newfangled google thing.

Hand-holding bullshit helps no one in the long run.